Sunday 28 May 2017

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream £24.00 for 170g (Link)
Having introduced a stronger retinol to my routine in April I definitely experienced the skin flaking and dryness especially around my eyes and whilst my routine was helping I starting using my FAB Ultra Repair Cream and after a couple of nights that all disappeared and my skin returned to normal. This is a great cream for when your skin barrier needs repairing, it's rich but not at all greasy and doesn't sit on the skin and therefore clog pores. I wouldn't use this as a day cream personally due to the oilier nature of my skin but I did on one occasion and was surprised my makeup stayed put all day. If you find you get itchy skin or if something has irritated it (Hello Hayfever eyes!) this really does help calm and restore your skin to normality. The tube is £10 for 28g or a 170g is £24 which I think is a bargain.

Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm £42.00 for 50ml (Link)
I recently purchased the Skin Saviour Kit (Link) from Cult Beauty which is a collection of the best selling products by Farmacy which contained this little beauty. Sleep Tight is an overnight balm that you massage into the skin as the last step in your routine, it starts out as a jelly like balm and turns to oil with the warmth of your hands. It cocoon’s your complexion overnight hydrating to the max and preventing any moisture loss. It's jammed packed with oils like sweet almond, sunflower, evening primrose, jojoba, grape to name a few which will nourish and plump up your skin without clogging pores and Echinacea GreenEnvy™ which is a natural form of Cichoric acid; an antioxidant that helps support a more evenly toned complexion and helps to reduce redness. I think for £42 the 150ml pot will last forever as you need so little each night so definitely worth the cost and I will be purchasing a full size.

Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller £43.00 (Link)
I have been using this religiously with the Farmacy Sleep Tight and it’s a match made in heaven; it helps to press the balm/oil into my complexion as well as providing a facial massage which firms and tones the facial muscles. I’ve seen a lovely improvement in the tone, texture and overall firmness of my complexion since starting this routine and it's so relaxing to do each night.

LA Girl Pro-Conceal £5.00 (Link)
I’m definitely a ‘high-end’ girl when it comes to skincare and makeup; over the years I’ve concluded that you get what you pay for, there are definitely exceptions to the rule and these concealers by LA Girl are most certainly one. The peach corrector is fabulous at counteracting those dark blue/purple circles under the eyes and the concealer brightens and conceals like a dream. I think I enjoy these so much because the texture is wonderful; lightweight, pigmented and they smooth the under area which to someone with dry skin caused by retinol is a revelation. All this and they’re cheap as chips.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone £32.00 (Link)
I’ll admit I wasn’t that much into highlighters like the rest of the globe until I’d found this shade from Becca, I found highlighters always seem to emphasise or highlight if you will textural issues on my skin. I don’t know if it’s the texture that improved or this formula that is the dogs bo**ocks but I utterly love the wonderful subtle glow it gives my face and I wear it every single day. It’s so effortless to blend and the shade is perfect for me; not too gold, not too pink, everyone went a bit nutty for the Prosecco Pop but it looked so dark on a lot of complexions that I didn't get the hype, for us lighter gals Moonstone is definitely the way to go.

Mac Liptensity in Doe £17.50 (Link)
I’m one of those on a night out who always wears a red lip. It’s my statement look and as I have so few nights out I always like to look like I’ve made an effort and try and use up the 50 ‘ever so slightly different’ toned orangey reds in my collection. However recently I decided I needed a change and purchased a liptensity from Mac for an evening of cockatails in Manchester. It was lovely to not worry about smudging lipstick/whether it needed topping up etc and I actually had a better more relaxed night because of it. This formula is so smooth and hydrating and one of those lipsticks you can just apply without a mirror whilst waiting for your cocktail to be mixed or at your desk if you need a top up throughout the day. Shade wise I chose Doe which is a darker brownish nude which was a perfect choice for my skin tone and I do dab it over some lip balm as a sheer lippy day to day. 

So those have been my favourites over May and April really, what have you been loving? Anything new I need to try?


  1. I love the LA concealers!


  2. The Sleep Tight balm sounds amazing! Didn't know about this product, I might have to invest in my next Cult beauty order. Thanks for sharing!

    Ioanna | beautyloverstories.com

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