Lazy Girls Guide to Wavy Hair

Sunday 28 October 2018

We've all seen the new tool(s) to hit the hair care market and whilst I'd love to spend £400 on a hair tool realistically it's a bit of a waste, especially when there are much easier ways to get that look which cost a fraction of the price.

My dream hairstyle has always been relaxed waves like the picture above and when I cut my hair shorter it wasn't a look I could pull off however in my determination not to waste money on a hair tool I found that with some forward planning and some extra help from I can finally have those dream waves without damaging my hair with heat. So here's my lazy girls guide to wavy hair.

Step 1
I always wash my hair at night because drying and curling in the morning isn't an option for us lazy girls, after my usual shampoo & condition, I brush through and roughly towel dry my hair so it’s a bit less saturated with water than fresh out the shower and then I add a little volume mousse, I use the Umberto Giannini Mermaid Volume Mousse which really helps hold your curl without feeling crunchy and helps give your hair some grip for the extensions to hold onto. I quickly use my blow drier at the roots of my hair to help with volume then leave the ends to dry.

Step 2
I French braid my hair from about half way down my head, if I start at the top of my head my roots tend to look a bit too tightly curled so starting at ear height looks more casual and flattering. Once my hair is plaited I loosen the braid by pulling on each side gently so my waves aren’t too tight or looked like I’ve crimped my hair.

Step 3
I add a touch of hair spray and some dry shampoo massaged into the roots so that my hair has extra volume in the morning, if you tend to toss and turn at night I’d recommend adding a hair scarf to stop your hair getting frizzy whilst you sleep or a silk pillowcase if you want to be extra.

Step 4
The next morning remove the braid and gently separate the waves with your fingers, you want the hair to be loose and not uniform to achieve that natural beachy wave, I then section my hair around ear height and add the ultimate body wave clip extensions (Direct Link) from which immediately add length, volume and amazing waves.

Step 5
As before I go through my hair with my fingers to blend the extensions and natural hair together and I’d advise not using a brush so your hair doesn’t end up frizzy or having any static, with a bit of hair paste I scrunch my hair in my hands which again blends and makes sure your style stays in place and looks flawless all day.

With your heat free wavy natural hair plus the extensions it is Hollywood hair that takes in total 5 minutes and zero effort to achieve. The perfect Lazy Girls Wavy Hair.


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