REVIEW: 23 Years Old

Monday 18 February 2019

Another brand overview from @stylekorean_global , 23 Years Old focus on age prevention and anti-aging to keep the skin looking 23 years old.

Black Paint Rubar Cleansing Stick - This is my first experience of a stick skin care product, it's so fun! I use this a couple of times a week almost like a mask: paint it on and leave for a minute then use my Foreo Play to work it into the skin and rinse. The reduction in congestion is immediately noticeable and makes my skin feel so clean, this is great every day cleanser for oily skin and as a treatment for drier skins when you need some clairty to the skin.

Cocoon Gold Silky Mask - Containing Soyabean Ferment and Silkworm extract this sheet mask repairs damaged skin, maintains your skin barrier and replenishes moisture levels. I love silk masks because they stick to your skin like glue and this particular mask left my skin feeling amazing for days, like i'd had a facial and has made it in to my top 5 sheet masks after one use.

Aqua Bab Modelling Mask - I love a modelling mask, I feel like a facialist mixing and applying them. This is a soothing and moisturising treatment and the pack contains 5 masks. You mix the essence with the crystal gel powder and apply, I love how cooling it feels when you apply and although it sets, it feels wet on your face due to all the essence it contains. After removal you're left with plump, calm, glowing skin.

Badecasil P-Original - If you're in need of some resurfacing this cream is packed with glycolic acid and their bioDtox complex which inhibits the formation of free radicals and boosts collagen. I have been using this on my neck and chest and have seen a real improvement in the texture of my skin and I am prone to little spots on my chest but I haven't had any since introducing this to my routine.
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  1. Ooh these look nice, I especially like the look of the modelling mask! I'd not heard of this brand before, thanks for sharing. :D

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