Review: Real Barrier from Style Korea

Friday 3 May 2019

This line of skincare is designed for dry & sensitive skin, it focuses on repairing & maintaining the skin barrier, when it's weakened or damaged moisture loss is inevitable & the skin can become more sensitized and suseptable to bacteria. The products from Real Barrier contain MLE skin barrier formula which recreates the same compounds & structures of the skin so reinforces the skin barrier.

Cream Cleansing Foam
This sulfate free cleansing foam is enriched with ceramides & sweet almond oil to hydrate & cleanse skin without drying or irritation. The texture is incredibly creamy & the bubble cream technology produces a satisfying cleansing experience, it's almost like applying whipped cream to your face. My skin is left feeling completely clean but comfortable, I use as my second cleanse at night & my morning cleanser.

Aqua Soothing Toner
A toner in Korea is a base layer of hydration to prepare the skin for the layers of essences/ ampoules/serums that are applied on top. With 5 different forms of Hyaluronic acid this water like toner hydrates very effectively & is infused with Centella Asiatica to soothe & calm the skin. I will be adding this to a spray bottle & keeping in the fridge for summer because this will be game changing when it's humid.

Aqua Soothing Ampoule
An ampoule is a supercharged serum & usually contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, this contains 5 forms of HA to deliver moisture to the various layers of the skin as well as dual ceramides to help strengthen the skin barrier & calming complexes to soothe. If you have oily skin this is a perfect step in your routine as it absorbs instantly without any stickness, I use morning and night.

Intense Moisture Cream
This final step is designed to provide 48 hours of hydration & protection for the skin barrier, just like the core of the line it is formulated with the hyaluronic acid, calming complex & the MLE formula it also contains squalane & canola oil to deliver hydration without feeling too heavy. I actually apply this after face oil to seal in all the hydration & act as an overnight mask, I wake up with plump soft skin every morning.


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