Victoria Beckham Augustinus Bader Rejuvenating Power Serum £12 Dupe?

Monday 10 February 2020

Last week Victoria Beckham released a serum in partnership with Augustinus Bader; the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum which retails at £180 for 30mls, I noticed some press articles claiming the Nivea Cellular Filler Serum is the exact same and would save you £168, so do they compare?


ABVB Serum
"Power Serum is your daily dose of active ingredients that strengthens the skin’s barrier function and supports ultimate skin health—repairing the sins of the past and protecting against modern-day environmental stressors like blue light and pollution. Turns redness down and radiance up."
Nivea Serum
"This formula reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves firmness and surface skin renewal. The caressing texture replenishes your skin with intense moisture and leaves it feeling smooth and silky. The SPF UVA & UVB system helps to protect skin from UV-induced photo-ageing, cell damage and age spots."

Although both serums claim to protect the skin from pollution and blue light, there isn't anything else I would say is similar, the power serum strengthens the skin barrier which is crucial for protection from environmental factors the Nivea serum uses SPF to do this. Great for the day time but pointless at night if you wanted to use the Nivea option, also Nivea isn't forthcoming about the level of SPF in the product which isn't great.


There are four ingredients that match, water, glycerine hyaluronic acid and the preservative. Not the same at all, in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find any serum these days that doesn't contain all these ingredients in their formula. The second ingredient in the Nivea formula is a silicone, so potentially would stop further products penetrating the dermis, the ABVB serum is packed with active ingredients without the fillers and perfume that the Nivea one does, I'd expect no less.

So can you get the Victoria Beckham Serum for £12.00, no, not in this serum.

I truly don't believe you need to spend £180 on a serum, I imagine the Power Serum is a luxurious experience to use and the results will be noticeable, however, I also believe you shouldn't just lie and say something is the same when it clearly isn't. I noticed that Nivea promoted the article on their Instagram which I find particularly unethical because it clearly isn't the same as the VB serum and they know it.

The Nivea serum is a great price but I wouldn't put it on my face with the amount of silicone it contains, if it was the last step in my routine I might consider it. There are so many affordable options on the market these days so it does pay to read and understand what products contain to make an informed choice about what you are applying to your skin.

If you are looking for a similar product I'd recommend The Ordinary Buffet & Copper Peptides Serum (Link), at £28.90 it is more pricey than the rest of their line for a reason; it contains amino acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides which is what the ABVB serum mainly contains and really makes a difference to the health of the skin and the look of your complexion, I have used it and highly recommend, you could add the Niacinamide serum and mix a cocktail of skincare to factor that ingredient in also. You save £150 so a bargain in comparison.

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