LUSH!! Review! & a brilliant tip!

Friday 24 April 2009

Hello ladies!

I thought i'd give my opinion on the lush soaps i bought before i went to Spain & my shopping experience at lush. Basically lush makes me vomit, i literally have to cross the street to avoid walking past it because the smell is so overwhelming for me. I can remember one christmas going in because my mum loves herself a bit of lush & i wanted to get her a nice gift from there, well i lasted about 2 minutes i literally had to drop my basket, run out the shop throwing christmas shoppers aside & find the nearest bin to vomit into! such a dignified sight i can assure you, me running through the arndale centre in manchester & throwing up in a bin! but hey ho it happens to the best of us!

So i decided to give it another shot, mothers day was approaching & i was going to be in Spain with my mum for it & i also wanted to get my former man friends mum some nice things for letting me stay with them. Plus all the youtube videos i'd watched on the stuff i wanted to try it out! so i'll put official pics up from the site rather than the stuff i have mainly beause its all chopped up in jiffy bags & also i'm in bed & cant be bothered to get all messy with the stuff.

Basically my shopping experience was, me with a scalf over my nose, jacko style, grabbing, smelling & if i didnt wreatch it was bought! whilst swearing quite loudly about how everything smelt awful, & my embarrased friend Jodee aplogising to the staff who were just laughing at me.

I thought once i got through the lush smell barrier all the products would smell like they're supposed to but to me everything smelt like lush! so i bought the soaps that i'd heard of from youtube & bought 2 of each.

Honey I Washed The Kids & Porridge

Sexy Peel

So i was going to split them out evenly between the 3 of us but ended up keeping 3 & giving the other 3 to the manfriends mum & my mum got nothing, a little cruel but shes not the best mum i've ever had & was happy with a card i had made with my baby pics on it! So everyone was a winner! ha ha!

I took them over to Spain & my bag reeked of lush but i didnt try them over there, i never use soap so its a bit foreign to me, i'm a shower gel girl personally & so couldnt be bothered to use them over there & chop them up so brought them back with me & tested them a few days ago.

Ladies this is the tip of the Century so pay attention, my skin was a little need of exfoliation that night, my post holiday skin had kicked in & so was looking dry. There is no better exfoliating treatment in the world than a pair of scrub gloves, soap or shower gel & pure rage!! i swear i came out that shower having removed 5 layers of my skin!! i hope you all never get this rage & just settle for gentle exfoliation but i took my anger out on my skin that evening & by god it looks great for it!

Back to the soaps, they were soap basically, all smelt the way they should once they were under water & the layer of lush smell was removed. Honey i washed the kids smells of honey, porridge smells of porridge & sexy peel smells of citrus

I found they were all creamy & non drying if that's the right word, & i've heard that people find porridge too harsh an exfoliator well it wasn't harsh enough for me but i can understand people describing it as scratchy because the bits in it are uneven & spaced out & really big & the smell of the soap isnt delicious enough for me to repurchase but i would definitely buy honey i washed the kids & sexy peel again!

So has anyone got any products they'd recommend for me? i might do an online shop next time to avoid the potential vomiting session & anything i dont like the smell of could be given away, i dont think you can return soap can you, i dont think i've ever tried! plus i know i'd never be bothered enough to do it, i never return anything!

Thanks for reading

Cya later


  1. Oh these soaps look gorgeous!!!! Love your blog, you are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awww, thank you so much, thats so kind of you to say!


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