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Thursday 4 June 2009

Hey Ladies,

This is an epic tale of love & heartbreak! not quite Romeo & Juliet but in my sad life as a makeup addict it felt that tragic.

I have been in love with my Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Foundation for quite some time its priced at £23.49 (V.A.T reduction included for UK) for 30ml, which is expensive but worth it for me as its a medium to full coverage & smooths your skin (you could have guessed that from the name). Whenever i wear it i always get compliments on how flawless my skin looks, & believe me when i say my skin is far from flawless. The only drawback of this foundation i felt was that it was very heavy on my skin & felt mask like! but for flawless skin i put up with it & didnt wear it every day just when i needed to look my best. Anyway last weekend i had those 2 events to attend so brought out the holy Bobbi Brown pot & we fell out big style! it might be to do with the increased temperature but it wasnt blending into my skin! i managed to make it work but wasnt impressed.

Then on thursday i had a job interview & needed to look my best, a couple of days earlier i found a RMK sample bag i won in a giveaway which included a couple of samples of the primer & foundation. I tweeted about it & the lovely Mizzworthy was raving about the primer to me, so i thought i'd give them a try for my interview! Well lets just say i fell in love with it immediately.

Lets start with the primer,
RMK Make Up Base - £22.00 for 30ml
I normally use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer which is like a gel in its consistency, the RMK is like milk & has no distinguishable smell once its in your skin & makes it feel like silk. I think its completely different than the smashbox as it feels like nothing on your skin as it sinks in whereas the smashbox makes your skin feels like silk but it coats your skin rather than sinking into it, if that makes sense.

The Foundation
RMK Creamy Foundation - £29.00 for 30g - Available in 8 colours, 5 are yellow based & 3 pink based (not gospel so dont hold me to it, but i did some research into it & that was the impression i got, i am a 1o3 which is yellow based)
Now i have oily skin so probably shouldn't use this foundation as its described as;

With its water holding oil formula which has a great moisture retaining quality, this luxurious, creamy type foundation replenishes the skin for a radiant & lustrous finish.

As i said i have oily skin but it worked brilliantly on me, I applied it like any other foundation, so my mac oil control lotion instead of moisturiser after washing my face, then applied the RMK primer & then the foundation & finally set it with my lily lolo flawless matt powder.
It smooths onto the primed skin beautifully & gives great coverage as its highly pigmented but doesn't feel too heavy which is great and has no smell if you're worried about that.
I applied this at 8am & at 11pm it was still in place as if i just applied it! i was amazed & kinda didnt want to take it off, i never sleep in my makeup but wanted to see if it lasted all night, just in case i ever get lucky! hehe! but resisted & took it off!!
Now i know £29.00 is a lot of money but i needed hardly any to cover my skin & get the coverage i require, the sample sizes i have are 1g of the primer & foundation & those lasted me two uses generously, so it will last you a while.

I got some other samples in the kit as well which are the cleansing milk, skin smoother & eye refresher masks, i havent tried these yet but will do & let you know what they're like.

RMK are the number one selling brand in Japan but a pain in the arse to get hold of in this country, they have a website www.rmkrmk.com but its half in Japanese & half English so a little difficult to grasp & you cant buy the products from there anyway just read up on them. The only places i know for sure you can get them in this country are Selfridges in London & the Trafford Centre in Manchester, If you of any others let me know. I manically searched for hours on the web the other night trying to get hold of them online but struggled to say the least, i bought some samples from a site & will let you know about the service as you can get the full sized products from there as well but its a Japanese site so could prove troublesome, up until this point its been fine but customs could cock it up! i'll keep you informed!

Below are a couple of pics of the stuff i got sent & the brochures.

How gorgeous are these two girls, one word ... unfair!

The Makeup (From the brochure, taken with my camera so not the best quality)

The Blushes

How gorgeous do these looked with the speckled effect!

The Eyeshadows

Again the speckled effect, even if they're rubbish i still want one just to look at, they're so pretty!!

The Lipstick

Like a marbled effect! want want want!!

A bit epic but there you go, as soon as i'm back from my holiday i'm running to the trafford centre to buy the primer & foundation, i cant rave about them enough! they're a bit of a pain to get hold of for some people but i'll post a review of where i got some more samples from because the postage was $4!! from japan to the UK which is brilliant so worth a go if you want to try before you buy because its a lot of money to part with if it doesnt work for you.

Thanks for reading that mainly nonsense blog but i think you get the point!

I am heading on holiday as you know on thursday morning, & can now afford food which is great & also afford a little spree in duty free! (that rhymes hehe) i plan to get a mineralized skin finish natural & the dior glam balm thingi, so do you have any recommendations i should try out, kinda tempted to look at the mac style warrior lustre drops or whatever they're called as well!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend
Cya Later, i'll try & get in one more post before i leave for spain!


  1. Oooh - Glad to find another RNK lover - that primer is absolutely fantastic! I have only tried the liquid foundation which is lovely - similar consistency to the primer - oh and the colour correcting bases which are peach and silver based - they make your skin look LUMINOUS,I think the peach would work really well on you as you have lovely tanned skin! Oh, I think I want to try the creamy one now lol xxx

  2. Hi Great review. I was just wondering if you could tell me what site you got the samples from. Thanks very much. Becs


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