Emergency Skin Care Kit! & Containers Bargin!

Sunday 29 November 2009

Hey Ladies,

I know, i know, i know ... where have i been & why am i being such a pap blogger/you tuber/twitterer?! well no excuses but work & life is still keeping me uber busy, i have literally not been either at home on my own or at home at all for the last 7 nights, so i've stolen this rare opportunity to do a post!

And as the title suggests its about my skin care kit, not emergency as in this saves my skin when it all goes wrong but because i'm such a dirty stop out these days & spend so much time at the chef's house (my man friend)that i need to pack a bag at a moments notice before i go to work & so i grab my skin care kit that i made up & got the idea from the gorgeous Muhsine

I've had one for months & it saves so much time & SPACE, but when i was browsing my local primark i spotted this beauty for £1!

It's basically 3 bottles & 3 little jars with labels & a funnel! Me being incredibly retarded & wanting everything perfect i essentially bought this kit for the labels! i want a label maker! & i even bought 2 of these kits, i think they're great.

So here are my over night essentials that i feel the need to take with me ( i know most of these are excessive but come on i'm a beauty addict, i need my lotions & potions to keep me sane)

So there's;
L'oreal Elvive Shampoo
L'oreal Elvive Conditioner
L'oreal Elvive Leave in conditioner
Naked Body Wash
Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser
Dermalogica Pre Cleanse
Garnier Pure Active cleanser
St Ives Apricot Scrub
Natural High Eye Cream
Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser

(stop rolling your eyes at the sheer number of products!)

So here's the kit all pretty & finished

BTW i have my 2 cleansers already in my little Dermalogica travel bottles & couldn't be arsed to transfer them!

For the leave in conditioner i just pored it in to the new container & because its a spray swapped the top from the big bottle to the new bottle & it fitted with just a little trim off the length of the tube!! (not just a pretty face you know)

Just to prove that it shuts!! & i always throw in a lip balm!!

There you go! hope its useful to some people & gives you some inspiration to create your own kits! & hope you're all well!!!

Thanks for reading & if you've got any requests let me know & i'll attempt at being a better blogger, i am looking for some iPhone apps to blog from which i could do on my lunch breaks from work!! so let me know if you know any good ones!!!

Love you all!!


  1. I need this! I always stay over at friends for weekends and either I bring nothing, or I bring like a whole suitcase sized bag full of STUFF!!

  2. Oh! and quick question - How often do you use St Ives Scrub??? And what type of skin do you have? (combo, oily, dry, sensitive???) If you can, would you be able to wb on my comment box on my blog?? ta x

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