I did a Mac order!! .... Ooops!

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Hey Ladies,

So the other night when Rihanna's performance on the X-Factor results show (i only tuned in to watch her perform, i can't stand the programme personally!) caused a twitter flush of questions about her eyelashes i decided to investigate! They were so long, full & fluttery so i started at Mac & decided they must have been the 48's, they were added to my cart immediately but you know how it is i had to get a couple more bits so here's the damage! (i thought i was restrained, i suppose paying for next day delivery so i could have the lashes for my works Christmas party was a little extreme)

44 Lashes - 'A unique combination of separate bundles at inner corner and dramatic winged outer corner combine for a full and fabulous effect.'
48 Lashes - 'Longer wispy bundles with an even edge create a flirty fringe that verges on the dramatic.'

Both these pairs of lashes are so long, need to decide the pair to wear tonight!! they're gorgeous i am in love with them! i shall attempt to post a picture of what they look like applied if i'm not too drunk to remember! :)

Brule Eyeshadow - 'Soft muted creamy-beige (Satin)'
Woodwinked Eyeshadow - 'Warm antique gold (Veluxe Pearl)'

Both of these are lovely basic shades, i do have a tenancy to go for the wild colours that mac offer so its nice to have a few muted tones & woodwinked is the most beautiful goldish colour!

Powersurge Eye Khol - 'Golden bronzed-brown with golden shimmer'

I saw Nicola of Pixiwoo using this in a tutorial as a base so had to have it, anything gold is sold to me & this is a gorgeous shade!

So there's my little show & tell for you, i think i was restrained sort of! Let me all know which pair of lashes you think i should go for & your favorite Mac items, i do have enough really but being the addict i am could always buy more!

Thanks for reading & i hope you're all having a lovely week!!


  1. OOO yes her eyelashes looked very Bambi like.. what a great excuse for a haul :) that eyeliner looks yummy! X

  2. Oh can't wait to see some pics of you with these lashes they look amazing!!!!

  3. wear the 48s!! the look more stable and neat!! :) s

  4. I can't wait to see what the lashes look like! :)

  5. I love the look of the #48 lashes - you'll have to show a picture of them on :)

    And Powersurge looks lovely too - might need to pop it on my list!

  6. Mac eyelashes are so damn addictive, you can never stop at just buying one pair.

  7. looks like a great order, I've given you an award on my blog :)


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