10 Products I'd Like To Try In 2010

Sunday 3 January 2010

Hey Ladies,

I hope you all enjoyed the passing of the New Year with a few beverages, I sadly didn't & settled for a Chinese at home with my boyfriend.

So I thought i'd do a post about the products i'd love to try this year as the title may have suggested because I'd find it really interested to hear your opinions if you've tried them before or lusting after them like i am.

Where to start?

1. Beaute - A Canadian brand, their cheek & lip gel in Fluron $29 looks to die for as do their weightless lip creme in wanted $26, i went on the site to order today & whilst i'm happy paying the cost of the products which is expensive i refuse to pay $45 for shipping! So i may have to live without this one! Around £60 for 2 product delivered = bad times.

2. Dr Sebagh -antibacterial powder & breakout creme £55, anything with 'high tech' powders & thingimabobs will do for me. Described as 'A highly effective treatment to combat clogged pores, overproduction of oil and bacterial proliferation that leads to acne and skin inflammation.' yes yes yes please!!

3. StriVectin SD eye cream £51, described as 'An eye cream to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye' I love eye creams so I love trying out more expensive products to test them against cheaper ones, plus you get about 40mls in this so it will last a very long time so worth the steep price.

4. Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil £27, i love cleansing oils & have been recommended the Shu one many times so am gonna aim to purchase this one after my Dermalogica Cleansing oil is finished, described as 'A light, refreshing cleanser and makeup remover that thoroughly cleanses the skin without disrupting its natural balance, leaving it purified and blemish-free' Sounds good to me!

5. Kiehl's Over-Night Biological Peel £40, described as 'This effective overnight peel stimulates the desquamation process; the biological means by which the skin restores itself. With continued use the formula helps reduce the look of pore size and hyper-pigmentation' Love the sound of this one & have been interested in trying Kiehls for a while as the majority of their products are reasonably priced.

6. Mac 138 Tapered Face Brush £35.50, 'A domed brush of ultra-soft, natural fibres featuring a slightly pointed tip with round chiselled sides. Specially designed to streamline and enhance the makeup technique of sculpting and shaping' I love the idea of this brush & wanted it for ages, its just so expensive, i should probably purchase it online so i cant see the money changing hands so i can look at myself in the mirror!

7. Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Vow £12, instead of using a white pencil for my waterline to make me look more awake, this is a apricot yellow colour i've been craving which looks more natural, i refuse to pay the shipping for this so will just have to wait to get it at a counter.

8. Mac Freckletone Lipstick £12.50, described as 'Full-frontal neutral peach (Lustre)' because of my colouring i find it really difficult to wear pink nudes so hopefully this peach nude will be perfect for me. I am going to have a day at the Trafford Centre in Manchester & do all this shopping hopefully!

9. RMK Recovery Gel £38, described as 'Recharge your skin with RMK Recovery Gel. Its ‘sealing’ effect allows the goodness to permeate and prepare a soft and plump canvas overnight for your next morning make over' this sounds like a wet dream to me at the moment so me wants right now!!

10. Mac 134 Large Powder Brush £35.50, 'An extra large paddle-shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip. Of soft natural fibre, this brush is specially designed to provide flawless application of powder to face or body' I'm so lazy with my makeup application if i can find a giant brush to apply my powder 2 seconds faster than a smaller brush its mine!!

Perhaps i should have done 12 products & committed to one each month as a monthly treat! inevitably another product would distract me each month & i'd end up with nothing but i may give it a go so stay tuned!

I'd love to make this a tag & see everyone's most desired, in our little fickle world its products but my real want this year is this ...

To see my baby in Spain, which hopefully i will be doing in February with the Chef if i don't get fired on Tuesday! So fingers crossed, i'll be geniunely gutted if i can't go. I've not seen him in 6 months & seeing him over a webcam is just not the same so i need to go & spend a week with the old grump! (he's such a pauser)

If you fancy doing this post link me to it i'd love to see them & i hope you're all having a lovely new year so far! loving the snow once again in old Blighty!

See you soon


  1. I got the MAC 138 for Christmas and I love it... its absolutely perfect for contouring :)

  2. What a great Tag - will be doing this one. How cute is your dog? What type is it?

  3. MAC 138 I want it..too expensive though :( xx

  4. @happy1234 he's an English cocker spaniel! which had just been skinned alive by the dog groomer prior to this shot, normally fluffier!! xxx

  5. This is a great tag....not do good for my spending ban though!

    The Illamasqua pencil sounds great, I've been lookingfor something a bit more natural looking than Urban Decay YeYo.


  6. Oooo... fantastic post and tag, defo gunna do this!!!!

    Loving the sound of that eye cream too. Im also an eye cream addict!


  7. great tag. for your waterline I would recommend benefits eye bright its an off white with a pink tinge. its amazingly pigmented blendable. u can use it on inner corners of ur eyes and on your browbone to highlight. that is like the only product I will keep repurchasing from benefit. xx

  8. I thought it was a Cocker Spaniel - we have one too but she is jet black. They do look funny when they have just been to the groomers dont they.

  9. Your dog is adorable and certainly loves the camera lol! Hope you get to see him soon :)

    I've got that Illamasqua pencil and LOVE it. It really opens up my eyes but in a really natural way unlike white pencils which always look too harsh and obvious on me. I have two of the medium pencils now (Vow and SOPHIE) and the consistency is really good - not too soft, not too hard and they last well too. Yeah so Vow is definitely one to check out xx


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