Bliss 'Pore Favor'

Monday 4 January 2010

Hey ladies,

I hope every one is well! I thought i'd talk to you all today about a Bliss set I picked up over Christmas, I am prone to blocked & enlarged pores so anything that promises me clear skin I snap up.

The blurb
'Say adios to clogged pores with a full-sized bottle of our spa-inspired steep clean mask, fight 'grime' with a try-sized bottle of out cleansing and exfoliating fabulous foaming face wash and 'skin'-vest in your face's future with a deluxe sample of best of skintentions spf 15 daily moisturizer.

So from that you've gathered you get the Steep Clean Mask, Fabulous Foaming Face Wash & Best of Skintentions moisturizer, I purchased this from asos & it was about £35.

So the main attraction in this package is the Steep Clean Pore Purifying Facial Mask, which is supposed to dissolve dead cells and debris, exfoliate and smooth skin's surface and prevent clogged prominent pores. All of which I need.

So ... Does it work I hear you cry?
Rarely with a face mask to I see instantaneous results, I normally wait a few days to see my skin get brighter once all the crap has come to the surface but with this mask my skin looks instantly brighter & healthier & the pores clearer. Basically there's two parts to this mask which get dispensed onto your hand which you blend 'to activate the exfoliating enzymes' which turns it green you then rub the gel over the face which then turns white & sit around for 15 minutes at which point its gone a bit clear & wash it off, simples! & hey presto alacazam you've got yourself a brighter clearer complexion!

As for the other two products they're nice bonuses essentially getting them free as the mask is normally £35 so its better than a kick in the teeth, the fabulous 'foaming' face wash doesn't foam in the slightest however so why its called that i've not a scooby doo! But its a nice face wash & it has some exfoliation properties in it as well. As for the moisturizer, it does what it should I guess, its a light moisturizer which sinks into the skin nicely and smells (not that this will be useful to 99% of people) exactly like the sun tan lotion I buy at my mums in Spain! its a nice smell by the way & reminds me of fun in the sun so I automatically love it for nostalgic purposes!

Anyway I really recommend this mask for anyone who's skin is looking dull & has clogged pores, I've used it a couple of times & haven't reacted to it or broken out because of it. Let me know if you've tried any Bliss products as i'd like to try a few more as this has been a good experience with the brand.

Hope you're all well & thanks for reading this! you may be treat to another post tonight so its like Christmas has come again for you all! haha!! ... I am kidding!

Love to you all


  1. Wow this sounds good!

    I have really big pores on my cheeks and they are awful and so noticeable (Well to me anyway)

    May have to give this a lil try :) xx

  2. Steep Clean facial wash is my holy grail product. It's superb teamed with the face mask. You do see instant results! :)

  3. I have giant pores on my nose, if I can find this product in Australia, Ill def try it out! Thanks!

  4. wow- might give the mask a try! ive always wanted to try the 'bliss fat girl scrub' a try, but its so expensive! x

  5. I used to be obsessed with Bliss a few years ago, they had that great lotion/toner, in a blue bottle, and it smelt amazing! I had completely forgotten about it, I might have to repurchase now!!


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