Illamasqua Velocity Nail Polish How I Love Thee!?

Monday 4 January 2010

Hey Ladies,

So my long talons are no more! Bad times, I'm not on a new years 'get my nails in shape' kick I just didn't have the time over Christmas to get them done! As my only days off were Christmas day, boxing day & new years day! Very bad times I think you'd agree! So I got sick of my scraggly nails on boxing day & chewed them all off, its very satisfying I assure you although very stupid & painful I admit!

So anyhoo they've been looking a state since then with no polish on & whilst I was cleaning today amongst all the 'omg i've been looking for that everywhere' discoveries including my very expensive Moxie ring which I assumed i left at the chefs house & he moved so it was lost forever (relief wasn't the word) I found my Illamasqua Velocity Nail polish I picked up when I was in London for the Maybelline event. Sacked off cleaning & did my nails & i've remembered why I loved it so much in the 1st place ... just look at it!

Ahhhhh!!! Such a pretty colour! So that's all this post is about really, I could tell you a bit about the Illamasqua polishes I guess, 2 coats & that's all you need you could push it at 1 if you're in a rush and they do last, now i've only used Illamasqua polishes on my fakie nails that I can remember so I can always do a review of the lasting power on my real ones after this application. There's so many amazing colours like most of the Illamasqua range & it is pricey at £12.50 a bottle but the colour range is really great & some of the colours are quite unique so i'm guessing you're paying for that. I'm seriously joansing for their polish in lament, which is a bright coral!!

Anyway I hoped you've enjoyed cooing over the colour like i am! & have a lovely week til I speak to you again, I may be getting fired tomorrow so i'll keep you updated! To say i'm bricking it is an understatement!!

Love, love, love


  1. Nice colour, looks like a China Glaze one I have which is a teeny bit lighter. Good luck at work tomorrow too, hopefully it won't come to that x

  2. i adore illamasqua polishes - they are fantastic! I have a few now and i usually manage to get away with one coat and literally never chip!

    THat colour your wearing is lovely x

  3. Oooh - I might have to dig this one out and apply some... I really love this one..

  4. That is the prettiest purple, I love it :)


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