Well boy did I miss a trick!!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Hey Ladies,

So today/yesterday (or whenever depending when you're laying eyes on this) is Valentines day & a few days ago my lovely boyfriend text me asking me what I would like for this day of love, my answer? ... 'Don't buy me anything, its a corporate scheme & I refuse to participate in it!'

I really can't stand valentines day, if you're in love (which I currently am, it changes day to day I find or correlates directly to number of cups of tea a day I get made) I think you should tell that person everyday how much they mean to you & that you love them & shouldn't need an excuse for just saying it once a year.

Being the good boy he is, I got nothing!

Well when I was doing some browsing today I changed my mind!

Here are few of the pieces of jewellery that will do nicely for me!!

Dior Oui Ring in white gold - £560
I actually think its a great price as its white gold, a diamond & Dior! I did text my boyfriend with a pic saying I want this to be my engagement ring! Haha I think I proposed to myself on Valentines day, how sad! But whilst I'm all for diamonds I think a ring that says 'YES' makes a brilliant engagement ring & is more unique, we can add more diamonds with the wedding band! :)

Dior Gold Charms Necklace - £145
I think this is really cute & i'm not the biggest wearer of gold but I could wear this as its not too much, the price is excellent as well but i'm guessing not real gold! I can live with that! I'm thinking 1st year anniversary! haha!! (I'm glad the bf's not reading this, he'd be shitting himself at me planning out our lives without him knowing)

Folli Follie Heart4Heart necklace - &euro85

You kind of get 2 for 1 with this necklace as it unhooks to 4 little hearts which is so precious! I wants this one for my birthday! haha! or a puppy, oh heck we're living in a dream world here i'll have both! haha!!

Anyway those are a few of my lusting items at the moment, I am happily going to say this is my last post before I head to spain to see my dog ... & my mum on Tuesday & I cannot wait, a whole week off with my boyfriend & dog. Plus i've planned a surprise for my boyfriend as its his birthday when we're out there, although i probably wont have time to post on here or my YouTube I am planning to do my week in 10 mins & maybe a day in the life on our little adventure for his surprise. Let me know if you're interested & I shall do it & subscribe to see it! I wont be editing & uploading it/them whilst i'm away but will upon my return!

Hope you've all been well & have a fantastique week I have no doubt I will, i'll be like a kid on Christmas Eve tomorrow night & wont get a wink of sleep!

Thanks for reading
See you soon (with a tan i hope)


... a little disclaimer, i'm not engaged! haha!!


  1. Those are some beautiful pieces :O The Dior 'Oui' ring is adorable, I would love that as an engagement ring to be honest!


  2. Have fun on your trip!

    LOVING that "oui" ring, I definitely wouldn't complain if I received that as a gift, haha :) It's gorgeous!

  3. what an original ring :) I would love that as an engagement ring


  4. I love them, there all gorgeous! Have fun in spain! XO

  5. My oui ring.. was my holding ring I love it!
    Its now on my right hand instead of my left! :)


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