A Few Bits & Bobs!

Monday 1 March 2010

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for my absence, I'm back from Spain & had such a lovely time seeing my dogs & my folks & having my boyfriend to myself for a week! Although he discovered I'm not the nicest of travellers, I may have told him to f-off quite a few times on the journey to my mums (I'm used to travelling on my own so when he tells me he's going for a fag 6 minutes before our train i get a little stressed) I discovered he's a big baby as well, if anyone watched that married, single, other on ITV will know the first episode was a bit 'emotional' well he full on blubbed like a baby (so did i, but that's not the point) Bless!

Anyway I bought something at duty free & have bought a couple of skin care items as well (will do a review once they're tested thoroughly)

(sorry about the pics, i cant locate my camera so got the pics online)

My duty free mad moment ...

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 50ml Eau De Parfum Special Edition

This was about £40 for the Special edition & the regular edition the same amount & type (i.e. 50mls eau de parfum) was £10 more so i got the special edition & its so sparkly!
Why i got a perfume i have no idea, I've got so many but I've wanted this for ages & the bargain factor got to me a bit! ah well! I love this scent, recommend it to everyone.

I made a couple of online purchases when i returned, my skin has gone haywire recently so its gone from oily/combination to dry & i mean dry. When i went over to Spain I was hoping to pick up some Embryolisse from a pharmacy (I swear i saw some once) but i couldn't find it anywhere so have been resorting to using E45 as my moisturiser (I can seriously leave a layer of this on my face overnight & my skins still dry the next day), a brand which I did see however was Avene but due to the shite Euro/Pound rate i decided to wait until i was home & order online & also due to the stupid 100ml carry one allowance (I only take carry on).

Anyway here's what i got.

Gentle Gel Cleanser - 200mls about £10
Described as a cleanser which gently and thoroughly removes impurities and make-up without drying and moisturizes skin and provides anti-oxidant protection leaving skin soft, supple and smooth.

Sounds good to me!

Avene Skin Recovery Cream - 40mls - around £12
Described as an instant soothing cream for hypersensitive and intolerant skin, fragrance-free cream that contains a minimum of ingredients to ensure maximum tolerance, it uses glycerine to give the skin an intense hydrative boost and plant derived lipids to help restore a sense of comfort to the skin and regenerate the skins natural barrier.

I've had a rash from sensitivity (& kissing my boyfriend & his stubble) for months, got rid of it with a gel product (which i'm going to be doing a review about soon) & it did return so i'm looking at repairing the skin & the barrier thing sounds good so that i can have a kiss & not be worried about rashes!!

Let me know if you've tried any Avene before, I really like the brand & have used some of their products for years & really want to try more.

Hope you've had a lovely few weeks & are all well.

See you soon

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  1. So jealous of your Flowerbomb, its my favourite perfume but I can never justify buying perfume myself (isn't that what parents who go abroad a lot for?)
    Silly question, but does it actually spray glitter on you?

  2. @hayles
    no it doesnt, which is good & bad! sometimes we all need a bit of glitter!!! xxx

  3. Flowerbomb is my favourite too, love the bottle. You're going to smell so pretty!


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