A Few of My Favourite Things!

Friday 2 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd show you a few of my favourite things (i don't know if this is a tag but i'll make it one if it isn't!) Don't get it confused with my monthly favorites, I shall be doing that in the next few days!

So these are my favorite things ...

Ah loves! I really love all of these things! including my new fringe, this pic was taken straight after it was cut in a public bathroom ... classy!

My girls are amazing having a night out with them on Saturday to celebrate my new job! Cannot wait, i'm currently covered in fake tan! :)

Finally the Chef & his son Christian, my greatest love! The Chef annoys the hell out of me at times but I know he's the one for me because I put up with it & still love him all the same, as for his son I adore him & was gutted when I got my job & realized I wont see him every week like before because the days the chef has him i'll be working! I get to spend Monday with them thanks to the bank holiday & he's 3 on Tuesday so we're going to buy him some presents & have a little pre birthday birthday with him.

I bet you can't tell they're all my family! Me & my brothers all look the same & for lack of a better word Hitlers wet dream! All blonde blue eyed children! (my eyes turned green at some point in my teenage years by the way) & whilst at my cousin Becky's 21st last Sunday looking through the picture album I realized I have gone full circle & have the exact same hair as I did as a kid! All I can say about my family is I love them all!
My dad is hilarious & such a odd creature, he's recently got a tropical marine fish tank & I get home from work & i see him sat on a chair in front of it looking into the tank - there's no fish in it yet! haha! he's enthralled by coral!! Bless

I love my doggies, of course my dog Snag is amazing as are my other 3, I miss them so much because they're in Spain so I substitute them specifically Snag with Alfie my brothers girlfriend's puppy, he looks just like mine did as a pup just lighter. My attempt to steel him by putting him in my Balenciaga came unstuck when he popped his head out! Bah!
As for the last one, I have decided when me & the chef are settled this will be our first dog, he's a Bassett Hound & I shall call him Quincy Jones or Quince for short! (no one steel that name!) A dog that trips up over his ears has to be the most adorable dog in the world!

I love the jewellery for obvious reasons! so pretty to look at!

As for the tree, I love lonely trees I don't quite know why maybe because i'm a loner!

& Finally the cosmetics which will be my March Favourites most probably! (put Feb in the pics! haha duh!) but these are my long term loves I think!

Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer - Seriously amazing, use it everyday!
Mac Ripe Peach Ombre Brush - Used it everyday, it's the perfect colour for me! they better re-promote this!
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - It's just so unique & gorgeous! I want to bathe in it!
The Body Shop Peach Body Butter - I hate them so much for discontinuing this peach range, its to die for, they got the smell bob on, I just want to eat it, I have resisted thus far!
Avene Skin Recovery Cream - This stuff is amazing, I put it on at night under my moisturiser & my skin is soft as a babys botty the next morning! Seriously rescued my skin I need more!
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Fauborg Peach - Just beautiful, I will try & buy one of these a week for sure!
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara - I've been using other mascaras that i've been given for whatever reason recently (reviews will be coming) & finally opened a new tube of this! Its just my favorite ever, does exactly what I want it to, lengthens & thickens!
OPI polishes
Mad as a hatter - Amazing pure glitter so good I bought a backup which I never do!
Jade is the new black - Straight into my top 5 favorite polishes as soon as i applied it! love at 1st sight!
Chapel of Love - Again in my top 5, its the most beautiful pink with a golden iridescence shot through it which transforms the colour in some lights making it look peach! amazing colour!
Royal Rajah Ruby - This is possibly my favorite colour of all time, its a really deep dark red/Burgundy with the gold iridescence shot through making it so unique! I adore it! & such a good polish for not chipping, I wore it a week straight once with no chips at all!!!
My iPhone - I've had him 18 months & still in love with him. Sadly he's a worn out old phone & seems to enjoy forgetting I have text messages so not delivering them for hours to me and so I'm gonna have to give him a holiday, I think he's earned it & so I got myself a Blackberry, just waiting for the frigging thing to be unlocked. Trust me to get the most difficult type of Blackberry to get unlocked! My Superted (iphone) will be making his way to the sunny destination of the Apple shop for a tweek or two, bit of botox maybe some lipo, so he's fighting fit again ... or at least til the new iPhone's released! Don't tell him I told you that, I'll put him in a nice retirement village don't worry! hehe!

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed it. I tag all of you to show me your favorite things, I think they'll be interesting to read!

Love as always


  1. This is such a nice post hun, I love all of your photos, your dogs are gorgeoussss!! xx


  2. I really enojoyed reading this post (: XO

  3. Wicked post babe. Loved reading it. Nice to see a pic of the Chef too, you talk about him so much on Twitter so its nice to know who you're talking about.


  4. That picture of you with your brothers is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! I loves it :) xxx


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