NOTD: Orly Cotton Candy

Friday 2 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

Like I said I would in my last nail post I did repaint my nails & shall do so again tonight for my girls night out tomorrow so expect another NOTD soon plus pics of me in a drunken state most likely (it doesn't happen too often so when it does I do it properly, trust me drunk Nicola is a hoot) I think i'm addicted to painting my nails at the moment, I guess its a treat for you to spend time on yourself every other night or so & do your nails, plus my nails are in great condition due to the stuff i refer to as my miracle grow i've been using (I shall do a nail care post soon hopefully)

Anyway here it is Orly Cotton Candy.

It is the most gorgeous colour, simply because its a gorgeous pastel pink however as you can see above in different lights it can look peach so I love that during the day its a pink & in artificial light its peach! two looks in one = heaven!

The formulation is lovely & creamy, it took 2 or 3 coats to get completely opaque & as for chippage i'm on my 3rd day & there's only one chip where i bashed a nail so that's my fault!

Absolutely love this polish & the formulation so am definitely getting more Orly as i think its great so far. Any colours you recommend from the brand? I think i wants them all!

... Oh & it came with the cutest little gloss which is a great colour & really nice to wear, plus perfect size for a night out!

Hope you're all having a lovely good Friday, I hope most of you are enjoying a day off. If not I do feel your pain as I used to have to work bank holidays & it's shit!

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon


  1. OMG i love this colourim heading straight to ebay to find this :D xx

  2. Wow gorgeous, I am loving the look of orly these days. xx

  3. Loveeee This colour :) perfect for spring time! Xxxx

  4. Wow, love this colour SO much - so pretty and girly xx

  5. Oooo I'm going to add this one to my list! It's beautiful. I recommend pixy stix! It's a brighter coral peach pink creme...gorgeous!

  6. Ooh I am expecting this in the post. I ordered it a few days ago, glad I did it looks such a lovely colour! =) xx

  7. Aww that's just too pretty! Reminds me a lot of Essie Van'd Go :) I love Polo Princess by Orly, even though the one you have on your nails is called Cotton Candy, to me it looks more like a peachy coral type of color, I think Polo Princess is more like creme cotton candy pink :)

  8. OMG thats keeping my peepers out for this beauty!

  9. I know i dont coment here often .. but i always stalk your blog before bed and crack up.. you do make me laugh! :) xxx


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