Cloud Nine Straightener Review!

Saturday 5 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

Little update on my dog for you, he’s getting better & seems to be back to himself thank god, his name is now Super Snuff! It’s brought me peace & my stress levels have plummeted thank god!

Now that bit of housekeeping is taken care of I wanted to write my full review of the Cloud Nine Straighteners, I got sent these from Cloud Nine a couple of months ago & have been merrily testing them out since.

If you saw my YouTube video demonstrating how to curl & wave the hair you will know this is the main use I get from straighteners as my hair is naturally frizz free & straight so using straighteners on them would just cause unnecessary damage.

First of all the packaging you get these straighteners is great, a really lovely presented box which protects the straighteners perfectly, something you would expect from the price (but not something I remember getting with my GHD’s but I could be wrong). In the box there is the straighteners (obviously), a guard for the plates and a little manual.

*Image totally half inched from MizzWorthy (hope you don't mind Jen)

My first impressions were how great the cord length is, its so long which is always great for electrical products and I was impressed with how sturdy the straighteners feel in your hands which really helps when curling & waving.

I then experienced probably the only flaw that I found in the Cloud Nines, where the two halves of the straighteners meet you trap your finger/thumb/flesh in it & it hurts ... really hurts, I found after experiencing this 2 or 3 times I learnt how not to do it so once you get used to the straighteners its not a problem, just wear skiing gloves the first few times of using them! Problem solved.

Overall I think these are the best straighteners I’ve ever owned (& so they should for the selling price) I am comparing them to GHD’s because its a natural thing to do, they’re round about the same price & made by the original designers of the GHD’s. But i have to say there’s no comparison;

The Cloud Nine kicks my GHD’s arses! Once you’ve used them on the hair they leave it with a shine that I’ve never experienced with my GHD’s, the temperature control is invaluable in the fight against damage something GHD’s to my knowledge have never cottoned on to, the guards that come with the straighteners give you piece of mind that you’re not burning your carpet as does the straighteners turning themselves off automatically after 10 minutes. They’re a much more Zen straightener than the rock & roll ‘I don’t care about damage to your hair or rugs’ GHD’s.

Now onto the price, a nice touch from Cloud Nine is that the wide & regular plated straighteners are the same price – £130 which is a great thing if you have long or thick hair (why must we pay more right girls?) They also come in a travel size for £45 which is a great way to test out if you are suited to the brand before investing in the full sized. They also come with a 2 year warranty which again is great as most electrical items only are guaranteed for 12 months.

The question I always ask myself is would i buy these with my own money? & my answer is No! There’s no point in me owning such an expensive pair of straighteners as I don’t straighten my hair so a curling iron would be sufficient for me, however if you straighten your hair daily I would definitely recommend these as the temperature control will prevent so much damage than a GHD for example as you will be able to achieve the look you like at a lower temperature.

So there’s my thoughts on the Cloud Nines, think of them as investing in your hair both in the present i.e. the shine they create but also the future i.e. the lack of damage they will cause compared to other brands.

If you ever need to justify a purchase talk to me on twitter & I’ll be able to twist it so you’re saving money ... in your head!

Thanks for reading & I hope you all having a fantastic weekend, I had a great package delivery day which you'll see soon in a haul video i'm sure. If you've got any requests for videos let me know & i'll be happy to get them done!!

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