NOTD Essie Haute As Hello

Sunday 6 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

I've not done a NOTD post in ages! Mainly because my nails have suddenly decided to be difficult & peel & break & I know why! I ran out of my Mavala Nail Shield Strengthener! It's amazing the difference it makes in preventing peeling & breaking! Any hoo now that I've sorted that out I can wear some of my new polishes by Essie (will be featuring in a haul soon so you can see the ones I've bought)

So here's the polish I'm currently sporting!

Essie Haute As Hello

Now my camera really cannot capture the brightness of this polish, its this shade but kind of neonish, I love it!
Now I'm not the biggest Essie fan, at times their polishes are just too difficult to apply & I end up just screaming & removing it & replace it with OPI (I've never had a difficult polish with them). With Essie it's pot luck, sometimes you get good Essie, sometimes bad! (just ask if you want recommendations of what to get/not to get etc!)
This polish is actually a bit of both, if you're really careful it's good Essie, if you're a little slap dash then it will not be pretty! So a polish to apply when you're calm & patient!! But totally worth it, such an amazing colour for the summer.

Thanks for reading & hope you're all having a lovely weekend, the weathers totally pants in the UK today! ah well its not like i ever sit out in my garden, I have far too many things to do! Like sit on my bum all day with my new Macbook Burt! :)

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  1. I have seen this one on Lorraine and I absolutely loved it it's such a gorgeous color =)

  2. Haha I was just going to say, lorraine was just wearing this color too! I love it!

  3. Love this colour so much! I'm trying to get my hand on it but its haaaard! SPOTTED : This colour was seen on Lo' on the last season of the hills :-)

  4. Gorgeous colour, I love it!:D

  5. Looks just lovely!

    Looking at your photo, I think it falls right between Van D'Go and Cute as a Button, shade-wise.
    And yeah, 100% agreed with you about Essie, it's either a hit or miss with their nail polishes, which is completely annoying...!


  6. That's a really pretty colour!

  7. That colour is absoulitley gorgeous! Deffo a summer must have! Love it! x


  8. I love this colour - I've been testing out Essie's Summer Collection all week on my NOTD posts and this is most definitely my favourite!x


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