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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Hey Ladies
I've been bad, I just posted a 10 minute vid full of loveliness .... & have another with clothes etc waiting in the wings & i'm here again posting about more goodies. I have a problem!

hehe ah well more for you to perve on. Although I'm sure you're sick of Into The Groove, I know I am.
I wasn't too bad!

The Good stuff!
Mac Jazzed Lipstick
Mac Stereo Rose MSF

YSL Rouge Volupte number 26 Tender Peach

My Shitty Swatches*
YSL on the left, Jazzed in the middle & Stereo Rose on the right.

The Body Shop Stuff
I wanted to do a comparison, I've got the facial buffer already but i needed another for my travels!

I have heard good things about this! Shame I got a damaged one! I should pay attention more!

Lily Lolo

Honey Peach eyeshadow ... It's gorgeous, lovely peachy gold perfect for a quick lid colour or highlight!!
One product I can't recommend enough from Lily Lolo is their Wakiki Bronzer, if you've got tanned skin it gives you the most amazing golden glow. My aim to be a bronzed goddess every summer wouldn't be complete with this product!

*Swatches will be improved by this!
Which is on it's way to me as of about 5 minutes ago. High 5* for better swatches & improved blogging! :)

Anyway thanks for reading & if you want any reviews let me know! check out my haul vid as well!! Let me know if you want a day in the life or request videos for me to film when i'm on my travels to my mums in Spain with my fancy smansy camera!


  1. oh wow - that YSL lippy is really amaze, i think i need it !!

    your swatches look fine ( you should see mine, taken in the bathroom with the bloody toilet in view ! classy !!)
    happy snapping with your new camera !!!!


  2. lovely products there, i have the lili lilo bronzer its gorgeous i agree xx

  3. I use the body shop hair shine-I love it! Really does do wonders for my hair anyway :-) XX

  4. Jazzed and Stereo Rose look beautiful! I better get them before they're sold out!

    Your swatches are great right now, but I'm looking forward to more!

  5. I have that camera - boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday. I might be being a total dumb blonde, but it's taking me a while to get used to. Does some great pics though - captures EVERY little detail (not always a good thing, I used to think my skin was pretty clear... not under this camers it's not!)

  6. I watched your video, you looked gorgeous girl! :)

    Love the look of that Rouge Volupte, I 'd like to see a lip swatch with it!!!

    Cute haulage!



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