Ramble: DHL are SHITE!!!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Hey Ladies,

If you don't like a ramble filled with morals then look away now!

Last week during the Into The Groove release I placed two separate orders with two separate email addresses on the Mac website (free delivery coupon could only be used once per account), one to be delivered to my home & one to be delivered to my work (my dad tuts at every package). The reason for two packages? I was resisting Stereo Rose until watching a Kelanjo19 haul video (god dam that beautiful angel!) so initially only got jazzed then the next morning bought Stereo Rose.

Quick picture of a puppy! So you know it's not life & death

So whilst at work & tracking my packages like a daemon the tracking numbers both reported they'd been delivered to my neighbour ... Both!

I got home & saw even though one clearly had a different shipping address they'd both been delivered to my home. The delivery driver put on the delivery note she assumed that the other shipping label was a mistake & 'to call her if its not your package'

Begin rant
So yes she had made the correct assumption they were both my packages but what right does she have to do that? It could have easily been a different person than me who the other package was for & who the hell would actually ring them up & say 'yes come & pick up this free stuff i could keep myself from the same website I ordered from'... Not many I'm guessing.

I think its a complete pathetic lazy service personally. I wanted your opinions should I complain? am I over reacting? or should i be really cheeky & pretend I never got the package that was supposed to be delivered to my work to Mac, cue evil laugh Bah ha ha!!

Thanks for reading, It wasn't a really long one but I really want some feedback, I know DHL are unpopular amongst bloggers who order Mac & now I'm one of those said bloggers!


  1. Pretend you never got the package and the puppy picture was random yet cute ;) x

  2. First of all - that puppy picture is so flipping gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for puppy dogs.

    Secondly - I hate DHL with a passion and have experienced trouble with every single MAC order I've placed since MAC switched to them.

    Even though you have to tick a box that says a signature is required, I have come home twice to find my package thrown over the garden gate. Who signed for it then - the gnomes? My dogs? My Mother swore blind she didn't leave the house on those occasions other than to poop scoop in the back garden, and had they called during that time she'd have seen them flinging it over the gate. The only other thing is she was in the bath or up on the top floor. So frustrating.

    I can't track them either which is a bitch. I get the email and the link but it doesn't work. It's just an appalling courier service now that I avoid buying online wherever possible, which is harder than it sounds because I don't live remotely close to a MAC store.

  3. TOTALLY pretend you never got them. What rubbish service! xx

  4. I HATE DHL! They are so unreliable and so inconsiderate! MAC is closed when I finish work so the only other option is to order online. I would definitely complain! It is so wrong of her to just assume that they were both for you! It is luck that they both were for you, as I very much doubt anyone would ring up and say the package wasn't theirs!

  5. It's worth a try saying you never received it!! :p x

  6. DHL really are awful, one of the worst. We bought a HUGE bundle of baby things from eBay a while back, all soft furnishings for the room, and it was wrapped in brown paper, and a very odd shape, so obviously had to be sent by courier. The eBay seller told us when she'd sent it, and when to expect delivery. We came home to a note shoved through letterbox saying "parcel in back garden", and lo and behold, there it was propped up against the back door. Now, what's the problem there you might think...well, our back garden gate is locked, and you can't open it from the other side, and the fences are about 6ft high, meaning DHL either broke into our garden, or simply lobbed it over the fence, and it landed near the door. WTF?! What delivery company does that?! AND it was raining!!! I was fuming, but in the end decided I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of trying to complain about it, they all seem to be a bunch of idiots.

    Oh, and as cheeky as it is, I'd tell MAC you haven't received it, but perhaps you should wait awhile before you do, otherwise might be too obvious??



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