BNIB Kurt Geiger boots £75 off

Friday 24 September 2010

Hey ladies,

Thought I'd send you a link to some Kurt Geiger boots I am selling size 7.

They're on asos at the moment for £175 but don't suit me so I'm selling!!

They're here on ebay, if you're interested & want any more pics let me know!!

& if anyone is interested in a Chloe Paddington bag in cream let me know!

... I'm having a clear out!

Remember my charity blog sale, all proceeds going to Cancer Research! I've raised over £200!!

Random Pic of my Dog with teddy bear ears on!

Thanks for reading!!  Its the Weekend!! whoo!!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while now and have just realised I live in the same town as you :)

  2. heya i might be interested in the handbag, how much are you selling it for? x

  3. @hinna! haha no way!! i only work in blackburn I don't live there thank god!! hehe

    @Molly, to be honest, i dont know maybe £150, its barely been used! i'm just having a clear out & i never use it!! :)

  4. Depress me further, why not?! Lol :p I'm back here after years away at University and hating it :( xx

  5. hahaha that photo of your dog is CLASSIC! hilarious. adding your blog to my reader! (found the link from zoes!)

    xx adele


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