My Semi-Permanent Tattoos!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

I've been asked a few times to do a post on the subject of temporary tattoos & kept forgetting so i'm doing it now!

Semi - Permanent tattoos are supposed to last for about 5 years maybe more/maybe less, many people disregard them as an almost myth, I can accept that they may not fully disappear to nothing but the one I have had for 6 years has faded to practically invisible, I can see it because I know it's there, everyone else has to really inspect my wrist to see it.

My tattoo's were a little more expensive than a permanent one and I went to a place that specialised in them, the idea is they are like a normal tattoos that just don't go as deep into the skin as a regular one, I was told that if you exfoliate regularly (which I certainly do) they fade more evenly & quickly.

Tattoo Number one - Nearly 6 years after it was done. My tattoo wasn't the circle I was just pointing out where it was!

As you can see you can barely see it & trust me its like that in person i dont just have a crappy camera (far from it!), not everyone has these experiences so ask around & really do some research on where you're going!

Second Tattoo - about 4 years old i'd say!
As you can see this is fading a bit unevenly but i'm going to have it infilled when i get my next one done so its more even as i want to have it longer than 5 years.

Overall I am really pleased with my tattoos they really have faded nicely & I would recommend them but can't obviously guarantee that you'll be as lucky as me! If you have any questions let me know & i could maybe do a video answering them? what do you think? let me know!


  1. oohhh long does it take for them to begin to noticably fade? I have 3 tattoos and love them all, but I think if these are good and fade quite evenly then they're a good alternative for some. Maybe it's a silly question, but they still use a needle and it still hurts, right?!x

  2. Ooh these look interesting! I want a tattoo but the thought of having it permanently slightly scares for some reason, so a semi-permanent seems perfect for me :). How much were yours? :D

  3. @stellie i'd say they begin to fade after about 2 years then are noticeably lighter after about 3, yeah a needle is used & mine didnt hurt at all but the woman who did it applied a numbing gel!

    @neekeexoxo mine were about £30 each, i was quoted £20 for a normal tattoo, so a little more expensive but no too much!

  4. I have seriously never heard of this!! Sounds awesome, I have two permanent tattoos and while I love them I hesitate to get more because I'm not sure if I"ll love them in the years to come. THis is the perfect solution!! I'm going to have to research if they do this anywhere near me. THanks for sharing!!xx

  5. Wow I love it!! Where did you get them done? x

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