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Monday 29 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

So I recently posted a sponsored post & I had a few emails with questions about how it came about etc, and once I got the opportunity to tell my readers & fellow bloggers about it in another sponsored post (this) I thought i'd pair the two together!

    Question 1
How did you get to do a sponsored post?
    I got an email one afternoon from ebuzzing.co.uk explaining what the site is about and offering me the opportunity to write a sponsored post, I was in work just scanning the email & I have to say the word 'buzzing' made me think it could be a 'specialist' kind of site so I kind of ignored it until I got home from work. Once I read it properly & checked out the website I understood ebuzzing.co.uk allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning some extra cash.

    Question 2
Why do sponsored posts?
    I personally have a full time job and currently work about 45 hours a week so don't particularly benefit too much from the money gained what I do find it useful for is to give back to my readers and use the money for giveaways like my current Nars giveaway. I wouldn't personally do reviews of products that are sponsored because we all know where that leads, whenever I am offered to test a product I am 100% honest & always say when its been sent I think if I added I was being compensated readers would be less likely to believe what I would say, however letting readers know about offers that are occurring etc and getting compensated for it to give back to them I think is acceptable.
    Question 3
How can I write sponsored posts?
    ebuzzing is a completely free service to join and although they approached me you can simply register with them & start picking campaigns to write about, what I like about ebuzzing is that you have to state that the post is sponsored and they give you a few bullet points about what they want you to include in the article and the rest is up to you they don't demand you write particular phrases & say everything is wonderful they really encourage yourself to shine through in the article you're writing.

    Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

    What I love about this service is you really can pick & choose, they've offered me a few other things to write about & I haven't taken them up because I don't think they're relevant to my readers & although the benefit is with you that you get the chance to win things with the money I gain I don't want to ram content that you're not interested in down your throat.

    I personally would love to see loads of different brands get involved with ebuzzing, like I said not to test out things & get paid to write the results but places like Boots & Superdrug would benefit greatly with ebuzzing campaigns. To be able to show up & coming offers that will be in store would be so useful. For example Boots 3 for 2 offers I always seem to miss them & buy my cosmetics about a week before they re-appear, if they used blogs to tell their customers when the offers take place it would be great & i'd certainly hold off buying my bits until they were on offer, I don't know about you lot!

    So ultimately what I would like to know is your opinions on sponsored post?s & these kinds in particular. Would you prefer none at all & less giveaways? Or do you think its acceptable to just write about offers not specific products & be compensated. I am really interested in some feedback because hey if you all hate the idea & I lose you all as followers there's no point me earning the money to hold the giveaways is there now!!

    Hope you're having a lovely day & if you're in the UK loving the little dusting of snow on the scenery!

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  1. I think as long as you're transparent about being sponsored and you can still be objective in your reviews it's fine!
    It's a perk of blogging.
    Love the blog by the way xx


  2. To be honest, i have no problem with people doing sponsored posts as long as you know so you can take it into account. But i didn't even notice you had done a published post...maybe i missed it but i've looked back and i'm guessing its the paypal one? if it is, it's not clear at all it's being sponsored!



  3. Hmm I'm not too sure about them, to be quite honest I'd probably just skip the post or click off. Not interested in reading sponsored posts.

  4. I have no problem with them either as long as people are honest about it and as long as it's not completely off the topic of the blog

  5. I now see where it says sponsored post in the paypal post. I really didn't read that post because i thought it was boring! I think if the posts were more in line with your blog it would be a bit better. And also i really don't think that tiny link at the bottom of the post in gray is being very upfront about it being sponsored. I would expect people to say in the actual body of the post!



  6. Personally I think it's up to you, its YOUR blog and you should be aloud to post what you want, you know?


  7. I skip sponsored posts - you can spot them a mile off. They usually have nothing to do with the blog whatsoever x

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  9. I don't mind some sponsored posts but I really do not like sponsored reviews... i just dont believe them no matter who the blog belongs to x

  10. It seems that blogs are becoming the new magazines in all the bad ways, like adverts, sponsored posts, reviews you can't really trust. Ultimately if you feel happy doing these, then fine, it's your blog but yeah just looked at your sponsored post and it just looks like an advert for paypal.


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