Sunday Summary!

Sunday 28 November 2010

Hey ladies,

Another week has come & gone and the weather has gotten even colder, so it's time for another Sunday Summary (I want you to hear cheesy game show music in your ear when you read that)

This was my face earlier when Katie left The X-Factor, i'm still numb! Still onwards & upwards she'll obviously get a record contract & I have all the iTunes songs downloaded (yes I paid to download her performances)

So this week i've been loving.

♥ Making YouTube videos - I filmed a couple today & I really get on a roll & do a couple at once, one is currently uploading & taking forever!!
♥ New clothes - I really wanted a new coat & looked everywhere then finally found one I loved from & it was only £30 in the sale!! whoo!! I also always make sure to browse the bigger girls section because the tights are always great, super opaque because you don't need to stretch them at all! I found a great top in the collection, its supposed to be worn baggy so I got it knowing it'll be a bit big for me & I love it!

♥ Christmas - I have finally accepted Christmas is approaching & so far i've bought a couple of presents for some fellow Bloggers/YouTubers and that's about it, I should get a move on really. The feeling of Christmas gets me so excited, i've officially watched my first Christmas film this weekend (Elf) and all this talk of snow is enough to push me into the Christmas feeling. I have a feeling my Christmas will be as bad as my birthday so it's a good job I love giving presents rather than receiving them!
♥ Press on Nails - I seriously am converted to them, if one set lasts 2 weeks that means 2 sets lasts one month for £6.99!! I will never get Gel nails again, I don't have time to get them infilled & the cost a fortune to maintain so press on's for me all the way, they look great painted as well so once they look a little shabby a lick of nail polish & they look back to their best!

So that was my week! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I am not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow!! What have you been loving this week!!


  1. Ooh, press on nails sound promising, I've had enough of glue!


  2. What press on nails do u reccomend? I have to wash up all the time so I dont know if they are for me x

  3. @Jess
    Sadly what I call press on nails you use glue! but I dont find it too bad!!

    @The Beautiful Blog
    I definitely recommend Nailene if only for the glue, mine last 2 weeks & i'm very heavy handed so if you wash up they should be fine i'd say!!

  4. Thanks honey I shall try them x


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