NOTD: Mavala Black Cherry

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Hey Ladies

A couple of weeks ago it suddenly dawned on me that it isn't summer any longer & as I looked at my nail polish collection I realised I don't have many winter suitable polishes .... So I had a shop (you'll see it at a later date!) & then had a bit more of a shop the other day & picked up this bad boy!

Mavala Black Cherry & OPI Mad As A Hatter
As you can see (hopefully) it is the most beautiful blackened redish purple so the name Black Cherry is pretty perfect I absolutely love it. Formula wise it took 2 coats to get this intensity but one coat left you with a redish purple so if you aren't going for a strong nail it would be lovely on its lonesome, as for the glitter it's Christmas this week so I had to add some sparkle!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far, I am yet to buy presents (eeek) I'll get there eventually! Thanks so much for reading & remember to enter my Nars Giveaway!!


  1. Ah I love it! The glitter nail looks fab :) xxx

  2. you've got the love a glitter nail, i've got a bit obsessed with them at the moment! x

  3. Oh my god that is so nice, I'm a bit scared of looking like a goth wearing black so this may be the perfect option!xo

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