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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Hey Ladies,What a week it has been! (or actually more like 2 weeks since my last summary)

Photo totally stolen from Kelly's Blog!

♥ No more work/New Job - I left my job which was making me miserable! Perhaps not the best time of the year to not have a job but I am relieved to be out of there, it wasn't at all nice most of the time! A few days off would have be nice as well! My plans for a nice stress free time before Christmas however have been dashed as I start my new job today! I have had to relocate to my boyfriends in the process as well as its very close to his house! So on Saturday I think I had an hour to pack my stuff & move! (an hour because I was lazy & ill with a chest infection so was in my pj's til about 5pm!) It's been over 24 hours now & we don't hate each other so I can say it's going well!

♥ Meeting Kelly & Gemma - I loved seeing Gemma & Kelly again at the Trafford Centre & I can't believe it was a month since I last saw them because it flew by, we made the executive decision as well to try & meet up once a month which I think is very achievable & something I'd love to do. We all exchanged gifts & had some very intense moments of actual love in the process whilst every one watched at Starbucks!! 

♥  Snow - This time around i've enjoyed it because i've been able to sit in a nice warm house & not go out in it/struggle to get to work, I just got to see the beautiful sugar coating it leaves behind tucked up in a snuggly bed!

♥ Shopping - All from the comfort of my own bed of course! & non of it Christmas related all for ME! (cue evil laugh) On the Christmas front I have yet to wrap a thing or get anything for my boyfriend, his child or my brothers (aaah) Do you think they'll mind getting something from Asda (there's a massive one literally next to my new work!) The selfish shopping has commenced purely because I know i'm not really gonna get any Christmas presents so I'm on operation make myself feel better (a haul video will certainly follow i'm sure)

♥ 1000 Followers - I got to 1000 followers last week & I have to say it was the most loveliest feeling & had me on cloud nine! Seriously thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments & feedback you give me, I wish blogger had better communication means because I don't know if anyone goes back to see if I leave a response to comments so unless there's a question I tend not to because I just think no one bothers to look back (mainly because I don't! ... Lazy Nicola)

So that's been the last 2 weeks of my life, I have enjoyed it for once!! Let me know what you've been up to & PLEASE someone tell me they're as unprepared for Christmas as me! 

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  1. ooooh congrats on 1000 followers!

  2. you all 3 look fantastic, congrats on your followers and your new job :)

  3. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers :) Good luck with your new job too xx


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