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Sunday 12 December 2010

Hey Ladies,

Continuing with my oil cleanser reviews I thought i'd review the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse (as the title suggests)

So Dermalogica describe Pre Cleanse as;

'The professional's deep cleansing weapon! Achieve ultra clean and healthy skin with a double cleansing regimen that begins with PreCleanse. This plant-based cleansing oil, fortified with Olive and Kukui oils, thoroughly melts layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual skin products that build-up during the day.'

Like I said in my last oil cleanser review I find that most oil cleansers perform the same as they get all my makeup off easily, don't dry out my skin & are gentle on my eyes, hence why I use them. If you haven't used one before I will explain how to use one (as my friend Jade bought one after my last review & didn't use it properly resulting in the oil being left on the skin!) To use an oil cleanser start with a dry face, apply a bit of the oil on your fingers, massage into the skin & eyes (if your eyes go cloudy don't panic!) then wet the skin, which emulsify's the oil into a milk & then remove with a wet wash cloth!

Back to the Pre Cleanse

Packaging - Like all Dermalogica it is very simple, I like the Dermalogica white & gray personally but it could be considered boring. Having said that I like it, the packaging for the Pre Cleanse is a bit crappy because it has a flip lid which you have to pour out which results in excess product being dispensed so you do use up your first bottle quickly then you learn to be 'less generous'
Price - The rrp of this product is £31 but you can get it much cheaper online so it ends up about £22 (which I found here including p&p) so it ends up at 14.6p/ml which is about 6p/ml more than the Nip + Fab & it is one of the more expensive oil cleansers.
Formula - The Pre Cleanse is a slightly thicker oil than the Nip + Fab which I do prefer as it doesn't drip (oil tends to be a pain in the arse to remove from clothing) What wins me over with the Pre Cleanse (& it is my favourite oil cleanser) are the ingredients I always check out the ingredients & I was shocked to see how many of the high end ones have Mineral oil as the main ingredient (Shu Uemura & YSL I am looking at you) The Pre Cleanse is packed with other oils which include olive oil, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil, kukui nut oil & rice bran oil, they all sound nice but i've no idea what they do but mineral oil is such a cheap ingredient & I don't expect it to be in high end products! (if you want a post on mineral oil i'll happily do it!)
Smell - Pre Cleanse has the faintest smell about it which is lemony (which happens to be my favourite smell!) it is certainly not offensive & not overpowering, so if you're sensitive to smells it won't be a problem.

Overall as you can tell (because I told you so) Dermalogica Pre Cleanse is my favourite oil cleanser i've used, I probably used it for about a year before I started experimenting with other oil cleansers but I probably will return to it once my current one has run out, I do miss it!!

Thanks for reading & I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I wont be doing a Sunday Summary as there's nothing really to report this week! How sad eh?

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  1. This sounds great, i think i will add it to my list of cleansers to try x


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