Sunday Summary!

Sunday 5 December 2010

Hey Ladies,
Another week has come & gone, seriously it flashes by!

View from my desk at work!
I think most have us have been subjected to the snow this week, can't say i'm a fan when I can't get to work because of it (I live on top of a giant hill & we don't get our roads gritted)

♥ Shopping! - I have bought quite a lot this week (you could see a haul vid coming up) I need to seriously stop & start buying some Christmas presents for people! But i'd be stupid not to take advantage of an Elemis Today's Special Value on QVC & 25% off Shu Uemura wouldn't I?

♥ Dresses - I have officially decided the outfits I love to wear the most are little cute dresses with tights & cute little shoes & a cardi for work, really flattering & easy. So I am on a quest to buy lots of different dresses. At the moment i'm wearing 2 pairs of tights it's so cold but Marks & Spencers 100 denier tights are AMAZING! I don't feel cold at all but when I take my tights off my legs feel freezing! They're magic tights!!

♥ Time to myself - up until last night I didn't see my boyfriend for about 2 weeks & although I missed him I loved having time to myself ie. SLEEP! half past 10 bed times has done me so much good! 

Today's sad face has been my Blog! I bought my domain apparently a year ago & google didn't email me to let me renew it & thankfully someone informed me on Twitter that it wasn't working so I managed to finally sort it out after a bit of a panic & I should be back to in a couple of days fingers crossed!!

How's your week been? enjoying the snow as much as me!!



  1. love your blog hearder! and I have so much snow here too:( it was exciting for about 2 days! xx

  2. Dresses and tights are always my outfit of choice, despite the weather, there are some really cosy, warm tights out there! xxx


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