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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Hey Ladies,

This week's product of the week would have been a hole in the head, sadly no one was kind enough to let me review it (yes it's been that bad!) so this weeks product of the week is ...

My skin has recently gotten a bit spotty in places thanks to stress so the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion has come in very helpful, its a really thin white liquid that smells horrible.

' Designed to treat deep, cystic blemishes. Sulfur based solution allows the lotion to be quickly absorbed into the skin, treating the source of the deeply rooted pimples'

What I love about this is you can apply it under & over makeup unlike my Mario Badescu drying lotion which leaves big pink dots on your face! I seriously sit at my desk at work & apply this bad boy, I have no shame when it comes to getting rid of a break out, I am relentless!!

I find it doesn't cure spots overnight, I'm yet to find anything that lives up to that claim, it calms my spots & really helps reduce life cycle & is really useful to have in your handbag if you feel a spot coming on. It's a little messy as its such a thin consistency so does tend to run from the area you apply but like I said I have no shame so can quite apply have white drips down my face in the office. Perhaps I should care more!!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far, just to let you know if you bought anything from my blog sale it got posted either on Saturday or Today depending on when it was paid for so you should be receiving the item(s) soon. Thanks for reading & if I ever find my bloody camera cable I will post a haul soon & my current nail polish obsession!!

Oh you can buy the Mario Badescu here for £14.50 (not a sponsered link or anything, I buy all my Mario Badescu at BeautyBay because I talk to the owner on Twitter & she's lovely)


  1. I have heard so many good things about this brand, never got around to use anything though :-(

  2. I use the pink drying lotion and I have had times where overnight.. literally spot vanished. BIG SPOTs too! However normally its a case of 4 days.
    Am curious about this product.. may try it as I have hadluck with the brand before!

  3. Gosh I hadn't even HEARD of this brand!!! Sounds good though.

    Hope your week perks up! x

  4. Ahh this is really creepy, I was checking out Mario Badescu products a couple of hours ago on that website, but was hesitant to purchase because I'd never heard of the site before.. now I shall deffo purchase!

    Has the buffering lotion dried out your skin at all? I can't decide between getting that and getting the drying lotion!

  5. Nicola

    You know we love Mario as much as you do!

    Thanks for the link, would just like to let your readers know that Rose-Ann is always available at (during working hours at least) and I'm at if they ever need any advice or recommendations!

    Have a great (skin clear) weekend!



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