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Sunday 30 January 2011

Hey ladies,
I'm currently on my way home from my weekend in London for IMATS so thought I'd be productive & blog since I've been rather naughty & not done any in a while.

Weekend in London - I obviously couldn't miss this from my highlights this week (mainly because it's the only one)

I have had a blast, IMATS was ok but we (Gemsmaquillage, Fleurdeforce & I) only stayed til about 12 o'clock on the 1st day & didn't return. It was so crowded & we'd bought everything we needed to so decided to go for some lunch. I will probably do a separate post about it!

I mainly attended to see blogging friends & have a weekend with Gemma (gemsmaquillage) in London. We have just laughed & found ourselves in funny interesting situations & had a great night out on Saturday which resulted in dancing & getting back to the hotel at 5am!

Chanel Particuliere nail polish - I really don't know how I lived so long without this baby. It's such a great polish & so easy to wear. I have had it on since Friday & it's gone with every outfit & remained chip free!

Make Up For Ever - If I was to pick one brand & stick with it for good MUFE probably would be it, so at IMATS I took advantage of the 35% off & got a few bits k
I've been wanting to try & have to say I love them (will tell you all about them at a later date)

Before this weekend it wasn't the best week but onwards & upwards I guess, so for 2011 my aim is to be happier & have more adventures. (I should have probably made that aim at the beginning of January)

Hope you've all had a great weekend & if you went to IMATS let me know how you found it.

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