How I Take Care of My Curly Hair

Friday 18 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

As most of you will know I had a perm at the beginning of January so thought i'd do a post on how I take care of it, I've done a video on my hair routine but these are the products which makes maintaining my hair as easy as it was straight!

Me & my curly hair

I focus my hair care in two parts.

Part 1 - Treat

Deep conditioners are key, I normally don't condition my hair when I shampoo it so I rely on a weekly deep conditioning treatment some of my favourite treatments are here.

Redken Extreme CAT Treatment - rrp £14.95 or here £11.96

This is quite a strange treatment as its just a liquid spray, most treatments we associate with thick creamy formulas but this is supposed to repair the damage and strengthen the hair leaving it smooth & protected, I love Redken products & this is no exception, the Extreme range is for really damaged hair & it works wonders (the Anti-Spap is amazing I just don't have a bottle right now) If you use this a couple of times a week it really helps your hair feel healthier.

Sexy Hair Reinvent Top Coat - rrp £12.99

This is similar to the new Pantene Colour Seal so you apply it from root to tip and it's supposed to 'reinvent' your hair, it makes the colour of your hair more vibrant and it improves the condition of your hair as well making it soft & smooth. The Pantene one is easier to get hold of but ml for ml probably more expensive as you get loads in the sexy hair product but they do the same job I just couldn't find my tube of Colour Seal.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - rrp £4.69

I think everyone & their mother, brother & sister have heard/used this product, I think i've probably been using it about 10 years now, it does exactly what you want from a deep conditioner makes your hair more manageable and soft. I don't think I like the smell any more as it is a little over powering.

Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturiser - rrp £12.65 or here £10.12

This is amazing! Doesn't have the strong smell of the Aussie & works even better if you're willing to spend a little extra (my tube is a small size the price above is for 200mls so great value) what's great about this is that it rinses out much more easily than the Aussie so saves water (if you're looking for a justification) I really need some more of this because it's probably my favourite treatment of the lot.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Night Serum - rrp £7.39

This is a little different from the other treatments because you apply it to dry hair before you go to bed & wash it out in the morning, I have to say this is difficult for me as I wash my hair at night but I have been known to use this as a leave in conditioner & it works fine but I have to admit it does shine when you use it correctly! When you wash your hair it makes it feel already conditioned so it is great when you don't have time in the morning to rinse out conditioner!

Part 2 - Tame

Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier - rrp £14.95 or here £11.96

Just spray into damp hair & when you blow dry it you get instant volume, I concentrate it at my roots & blow dry them only so my ends don't go frizzy & it gives amazing lift without any trouble.

Paul Mitchell Kids Taming Spray - rrp £4.95 or here £4.57

I don't use this everyday but do when i've washed my hair & have a very stubborn knot that won't budge, this makes light work of it.

Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion - rrp £11.50 or here £9.20

Similar effects to the Redken but in a lotion form so you can overdo it at times & end up with dodgy roots but when done right it's amazing how bouncy it makes your hair & of course volumised perfect for nights out as it lasts for ever in your hair & I've noticed my hair doesn't look greasy the next day so great when you don't have time to wash your hair!

Toni & Guy Twist It Curl Balm - rrp £6.63

This adds definition to your curls & upps the volume without any heaviness and doesn't look like you have anything in your hair. It's a great product but I just wish it smelt nicer! (I really dislike the smell of their products)

Batiste Dry Shampoo in light - rrp £2.99

I didn't think you could improve on a brilliant product but Batiste has managed by bringing out this blonde version, it is perfect for my hair, even though I'm blonde I find if you're not careful with the white ones you can look like you have grey hair so this is just effortless & it's quite entertaining seeing your shower water yellow from it!

So that's how I look after my curly hair, if you've got any product recommendations I'd love to hear them! if you made it through that super long post ... well done!!

BTW i've included all the links for your benefit & attempted to stick to only two websites for ease!!


  1. Your hair looks great curly like that, I love it. I've definitely picked up lots of tips for intensive conditioners now :)

  2. Your hair looks so pretty! Thanks for this post, it's always good to find new curly hair products!


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