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Friday 18 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

Recently i've noticed that i've been having a few friend requests on my personal Facebook page, basically about 5 seconds after people subscribe to me on YouTube I have a similar name add me on Facebook which freaks me out a little so I've created a Nicolavc86 Facebook page which means I can interact with all my readers none stop because lets face it Blogger's crap for answering questions.

Thought a random pic of my dog spuddy aka fatty would make you smile!

So please 'like' me so i feel loved, you'll get to know me more & hear about my day & bombard me with your questions because lets face it it'll be a little embarrassing if no one talks to me!! I'll let you know when a YouTube video is up or blog post is published & you can request vids & stuff, it'll be spectacular! ... Hopefully if my bloody profile picture will ever upload! There's a new 'like' box on the left hand side of my blog as well.

Plus there may be a giveaway going on very soon & to be cruel i'll just have it as a Facebook page one! you can still enter my No7 Giveaway here by the way!

So I hope you don't mind me doing this but I don't particularly want my drunken nights out known by my subscribers although I may post a selected few on my Nicolavc86 Facebook page!

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