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Saturday 23 April 2011

Hey Ladies

Sorry things are so quiet on the blogging & YouTubing front at the moment, my Internet is broken & I'm currently using my Hotspot on my iphone to write this!! (you can use your Internet connection on your phone on your computer, god bless Apple) so I thought I'd do a quick 'In's & Out's' post for you before I go to work.

River Island Sandals
I went on about them in my Chelsea Girls post & caved & got them, they are just so nice & perfect for a night out they really stand out. They do hurt a lot though, one of my toes was numb for about 4 days after wearing them, no pain no gain!!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I've been using this for a few days now & although I'm not new to it as I used it when I was younger I forgot how brilliant it actually is, my skin is so soft after every use & it is a great all round cleanser, my full review will be coming up on this & a few other Liz Earle products. My skin care routine is doing my skin proud at the moment!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I finally bought the full size of this foundation & I'm glad I have, it is just the most natural looking foundation I have found that gives me the look I love with a decent amount of coverage as well! My skin is really behaving at the moment so this is just the perfect coverage for me. It will be hard to beat over the summer!

Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
I've been loving using this all over the lid during the day, it's smoky & sultry without being too heavy & dark for the day time, it definitely has gotten me out of my neutral eye rut I was in!

Topshop Pen Liner
I love pen liners, they are the easiest way of applying eyeliner & get you the most sharp precise lines that look like you've spent ages on your makeup when in fact you have spend 10 seconds drawing the line on. However I find it very difficult to use pen liners as they almost always smudge on me, I've tried countless brands & so far Topshop has been the only one bar one (which costs a fortune) that has worked on me & at such a low price, it looks brilliant on me with the Satin Taupe for a real cat eye look!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Don't get me wrong this is one of my all time favourite foundations ever, it has the most amazing coverage & staying power which I have found unbeatable however as the weather has become warmer & warmer I have found myself using any other foundation I can (before I bought the Chanel I used my Nars Sheer Glow) It's just too heavy & 'makeup looking' for this beautiful weather we're having at the moment, so it's been relegated to a makeup drawer & out of my makeup bag!

Tigi S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum
I had such high hopes for this as my leave in conditioner, I love Tigi products & never really found a disappointing product until now, this is so sticky & leaves the most horrible residue in your hair, most leave in conditioners don't leave a trace of the product when your hair is dry but this leaves you with crunchy hair & it's not pleasant! Fail whale for me!!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
I used to love this product, I used it every day & though it was 'IT' I'm sure you know the pattern we ladies have of buying a similar product & instead of waiting until you've finished the old one cracking open the brand new shiny product. Well when I got my Mac Studio Fix Powder I cracked it open & my skin finish natural got lost in a drawer somewhere, I rescued it a couple of weeks ago when going for a more natural look thinking this will deliver & you know what, It really really doesn't do anything for me anymore. We all know it's rubbish for pictures but I found as a setting powder on me now it really doesn't cut it compared with the Studio Fix!! Back in the drawer it goes, I'll take it on holiday I guess to use it up!!

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter & bank holidays, I'm working most of them which I actually don't mind to be honest!! Let me know you're 'In's & Out's' at the moment, you know I'm nosey!!


  1. Thanks for listing MSF Natural as an Out! I'm looking for a new setting powder after finishing my MSF Natural and will try Studio Fix instead!

    BB cream is definitely an In for me xx

  2. That Topshop liner is the worst that I have ever tried! Hate it. Big fan of cleanse and polish though.

  3. I talked about you on my blog and started a tag :)


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