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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Hey ladies,

Last week I attended a release party for V05 & Tresemme hair care. V05 are relaunching the whole range & it all looks & smells great!!

One of their new offerings is their Miracle Concentrate.

What I found interesting is that both brands have released affordable Argon oils so you don't have to splash out on very expensive brands to reap the benefits of this ingredient.

V05 Miracle Concentrate is an intensive leave-in treatment elixir with Argon Oil

It claims to;
'Intensively condition & help repair dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Add radiant shine & reduce drying time & damage caused by blow drying'

All I can say is that it smells amazing & does it's job at making your hair more manageable & easier to brush after washing. I used this the morning after the release party where my hair was backcombed quite a bit & it made it effortless to brush out after washing it!

I asked the difference between the V05 oil & the Tresemme one at the launch & I was told the V05 is more a treatment whereas the Tresemme is more a finishing treatment so there's room for both in your hair care routine.

I really can't recommend this enough, frizz is gonna be eliminated for good!!

I hope you're all having a lovely week & looking forward to all the bank holidays over the next couple of weeks!!


  1. Sounds great, I love the V05 hot oils x

  2. Ooh sounds amazing!! I really want to try this as haven't used the range for ages, thanks for the recommendation x x

  3. sounds good :) Havent used V05 in aaaagees! x

  4. Can't wait to try both of these!

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  5. They sound wins, I was going to get some morocconoil but after seeing the price might hold out for these


  6. Looks and sounds great, definitley want to try this!
    Please check out my blog - :) Xx


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