Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Review

Sunday 1 May 2011

Hey Ladies,

I have recently gone a bit Liz Earle mad, now me & thee are friends I like to call her Lizzy E I think she'll be cool with that. My first product review will be the iconic Cleanse & Polish, I will admit I used this when I was about 15 during my QVC phase & wasn't wowed by it, I used it all up then moved on to something else I don't remember why, perhaps just experimenting with products but ever since starting my blog I've wanted to give it another go.  Luckily the lovely Liz Earle PR (whom are fantastic) sent me some to try out.

I think we all know what it looks like!

They Say:

'Suitable for all skin types, this product will leave your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. Apply it to face and neck and remove it using one of the muslin cloths'

From my initial use of this product I always thought the muslin cloths was what made it so effective so I was interested to see if this was the same this time around.

Design - I think all of the Liz Earle products are nicely designed and have practical packaging, nothing that would win awards but who cares its all about the products! My brother (who's a physicist) did ask why there's a picture of an atom on the packaging, I didn't answer!

Price & Value for Money - It comes in many sizes and shapes but for the standard size in the picture (100mls) it is £11.75 which I think is a reasonable price, certainly one I am happy to pay.

Formulation -  It is a very thick creamy formulation, which i'll admit is a little strange to be applying to your eyes but it doesn't sting your eyes whatsoever,  it is very gentle so brilliant for sensitive skins as long as you don't rub too vigorously with the cloth and although doesn't foam works well with my clarasonic and is very easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Smell - Like all Lizzy E products it has a very herbal smell which I normally hate but this one is quite pleasant as it doesn't smell too strongly just a mild eucalyptus scent, I just pretend i'm in australia handing out with some koala bears!

Overall Thoughts - Nothing but love for Lizzy E now,  after the first use I noticed how soft it made my skin, it removes all traces of my makeup easily and with the cloth it refines the skin slowly and gently meaning it is great for all skin types, if you have oily skin I would recommend using an additional cleanser after the Cleanse & Polish to cleanse your skin to control the oil, I do this a couple of nights a week just to make sure my oil doesn't get too out of control. One negative is you do go through it quickly but at £12 I still find it good value for money as I can use it as a makeup remover and cleanser so brilliant for travelling as well (you can also buy it in a travel bottle which I certainly will)

Trying this cleanser out the second time around I can conclue that the muslin cloth doesn't do all the hard work the cleanser certainly stands up for itself as a fantastic product and one I highly recommend to all my readers and one I will be buying myself when I run out (the ultimate test I think)

You can get it from Liz Earle, QVC & John Lewis


  1. I really want to try this it's on my wishlist. Sounds amazing :-) x

  2. This is on my wishlist too, heard amazing things about this product, can't wait to try :)

  3. I've been thinking of getting this for a while now...just need to get round to it! You know when you rub it off with the muslin cloth, do you rinse afterwards or are you meant to just leave it at that and moisturise straight away? xxx Ola

  4. I'm definitely buying this in the next week, I'm now on a mission to have great skin for my birthday! I always love reading reviews on this!


  5. I've also been loving this cleanser! It look me a while to "get it" as well, but now it's something I can't be without!

    Great review!


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