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Monday 2 May 2011

Hey Ladies,

I am enjoying all this sunshine like the rest of you I'm guessing & can't stop wearing maxi dresses, because I've not been sat outside baking in the sun I'm a little pale & although not opposed to using fake tan I just prefer not to. If I use it on my arms & chest I have to miss out my face as it gives me awful spots so then have to take time to match my face to my tanned body which is too much like hard work, this is when this comes in handy.

St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs

They say:

'This ultra-rich, radical tanning duo combines a gradual self tan and a flawless finish of instant bronze specially for legs.'

Yes it may say Everyday Perfect Legs but that didn't stop me slavering it on my arms! It has been in a favourite video of mine before & I have not stopped using it since, there are two pumps under the lid one with a gradual tanner & the other an instant tan.

The gradual tanner is excellent at adding warmth to your skin without it looking like fake tan and adding a decent amount of colour after just one use & if I don't add any to my face it is easy to match to my body as it isn't super dark like when I use my Xen-Tan. Just a lovely looking natural shade that looks like you've been sat in the sun. It smells perfumey but none biscuity so when I pop it on before bed it isn't an awful smell!

The instant tan I don't tend to use unless I end up going out with no notice, in that case it does an excellent job at adding a tint to your skin that stays on all night & you don't have to worry about it transferring on to your clothes/boyfriend etc.

You can get St Tropez here or at your local Boots.

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, at least its a four day week for everyone!


  1. I am pale as, but would rather use fake tan than burn in the sun :) x

  2. Ooh thanks for the review, I bought it earlier on ASOS because it's on offer:



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