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Saturday 30 July 2011

Hey Ladies,

I'm sure you've heard about Sleek MakeUp's new offering in the lip department & I thought I'd tell you my thoughts on them as well as some swatches & mixes I made! I am too bloody good to you sometimes I swear!!

Image totally Stolen from Sabrina at A Little Obsessed
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My Mixes
The new Pout Paints are due to be released next month they are intensively pigmented lip paints, they will cost £4.99 and are available in 11 shades from the bright pink all the way to every day natural shades which leave your lips with a satin finish.

Firstly they are a great texture, nice and thick so not messy at all, you do need to apply them with a lip brush but if you want a less opaque effect you can apply a lip balm to your lips first and then rub a tiny bit of your chosen shade in with your finger it will be less intense and doesn't require the brush so if you want one for everyday use it is a more practical way of using them. They are long lasting and the shade range is great and the fact that they're easy to mix means you only need a couple and you can create something from say a bright pink to baby pink (using the pink one & white one just in case you didn't guess)

They have been compared to Obsessive Compulsive Cometic's Lip Tars and rightly so, highly pigmented lipsticks in liquid form that are designed to be mixed in order to create custom shades. In terms of how they rate against Lip Tars it's tough, they are easier to apply as they are thicker in consistency, I do however prefer the minty taste of the Lip Tars compared to the orangey pout paints, in terms of shade range the more established Lip Tars are ahead of the game & their shades are amazing really, their brights are just neon bright whereas the Pout Paints whilst very nice are more muted in comparison and similar to other regular lipstick shades that are available whereas some of the Lip Tars are completely unique (Anime I'm talking to you). Obviously in terms of price and availability the Pout Paints win hands down, £4.99 is an amazing price and will be available nationwide if you pop into Superdrug.

Now my thoughts on these type of products in the mass market is do we need them? Yes mixing our own shades is a nice idea but how many people could actually be bothered & 'regular' shoppers who wouldn't even have heard of these type of products or the concept of mixing their own shades will see the blue shade & run a mile, will they actually work? I don't know, they are useful for makeup artists but I know I'm to lazy for lip brushes and mixing pots. One of my mixes, the one on the far right (the lightest pink) is the exact same shade as Mac Chatterbox, so how original can you be?

Nice idea & I will definitely have a look at the other more wearable shades but I know I won't have many mixing nights because I'm one of those people who will mix the perfect lip shade & then never be able to create again & get rather mad! Oh & some shades stain like a mofo, but so do my Lip Tars!

I do suggest you go and try them as they are really good despite me not quite seeing the point of them! Maybe i'm too much of a critical blogger, hell as a liquid lipstick you can't go wrong with these if you like the shades, the red is gorgeous!


  1. It feels like they're a direct copy of the OCC lip tars, don't they :S ? Even the colors seem similar
    Either way, thanks for the swatches :P
    Have another product on my wish list now U__U !

  2. my only worry (as you mentioned) is that i would create the perfect colour one day and then wouldn't be able to do it again and it would drive me loopy, will probs give them a try though just to see the texture and lasting power etc :D

  3. I bought a few of these today in Superdrug (even though I didn't think these were out for a while yet?!) and I have to admit I bought the really wearable colours that didn't need mixing to be wearable! I don't have enough time in the morning! Great swatches/mixes though!


  4. i saw these in superdrug the other day and was about to buy one but for some reason i didn't, they look amazing though, might have to get some ;)

  5. wow, they look amazing!! But will they stay on???

  6. I think these will be great for lip obsessed girls on a limited budget, like you said there's possibilities for MAC dupes galore with a little bit of mixing magic!

    I think i'll give them a go, and buy some little pots to boot (to avoid the "noooooo! I can't get that shade I had yesterday!" fiasco) I think they're a great idea, but then again I can judge until I've tried them.

    Much Love,

  7. I like the idea, but you would need to buy quite a few to mix with in the first place xx

  8. I can't wait to try these!! Great mixes too :)

    Lois xx

  9. Can't wait to try these, I'm not sure if they'll be a hit with a lot of people though, maybe just us make up obsessed girls! Thanks for the post :)

  10. Gorgeous! although i'm a little dubious about using them myself,keep thinking it'll be too difficult :/ xxx


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