Sunday Summary

Sunday 24 July 2011

Hey Ladies,

Another busy week here, it's work work work & no time for YouTube videos sadly! I need some quick video ideas so I can do them after work! Anyway here's my week!

Caffeine, Crisps, Enormous Desserts & Blue M&Ms make me happy
My healthy diet as you can see above!! :) my friend did share that dessert, it was amazing served in a giant glass! I love mid week dinners after work with a friend it made my week fly by!

Been so fashion inspired lately, made a few cheeky purchases throughout the week & yesterday, need to do a haul video but not had time this weekend.

I mainly wanted to say today that I am completely saddened by the loss of Amy Winehouse.

I can remember the first time I saw/heard her, she was on the Jools Holland show & this was before she released her first album & I just loved her, her voice and style of music was exactly what I listen to. The top played albums on my iTunes are Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye & Maxwell so Amy Winehouse just fits into my taste of music. Sadly with the press these days they are more interested in tragic stories than successful ones so she obviously became known for her behaviour rather than her talent and I think most of us saw this coming but recently although she was still a mess it wasn't like those days with her ex husband and she seemed happier and healthier. What a loss of a true talent and I just hope she's happier now than she appeared to be in her life. Although you can't really help people with addictions unless they want to change I just wish her parents would have done more, ie her Dad stop focusing on his singing career and more on his daughters life. (I have some serious beef with that man)

And of course what a horrible time for Norway too, it's so sad when a silly girl who's self destructive life comes to an end takes the focus off a tragedy like the killing of innocent people, my thoughts are with family and friends of those whose lives were taken away.

What a horrible weekend this world has seen, mine was quite nice barring the bad news!!


  1. I actually love those tesco finest crisps! They are way too addictive though... I agree, I am so saddened by the 2 pieces of news this weekend. It's so awful. xxx

  2. I love those crisps too! I like the massive packets you get... even though half of it is filled with air!

    So sad about this week's news, puts things into perspective.


  3. death is always awful no matter who you were in life...
    maybe a video on how you do your own shellac thing... you could just film when you were going to do them anyway :D

  4. I do believe her dad did a lot, she just didn't want to know.. to get over an addiction, to anything, you yourself have to be willing to do it and I don't think she reached that mindset.

    It is very very sad news and i am sure her family are broken at their loss.

  5. I absolutely love those crips from Tesco's!

  6. CAFE LATTE! mmmmm, they are my fav!
    I think it's such a shame to lose such a talented voice from the music industry. Drugs are a scary thing. RIP Amy.


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