Every Girl Should Own These!

Monday 5 September 2011

Hey ladies,

After my products I regret buying post this weekend I though I would do a post on some products I believe every girl & boy for that matter should own. They cater to everyone, young to old, fair to dark etc.

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara
A new edition to my regime & what inspired this post actually, this mascara is absolutely amazing. Everyone knows a mascara is all about the wand well this baby actually rotates, when I heard about it I had visions of it getting my lashes tangled & trapped so didn't try it but my friend Jade swore by it so when I saw it on offer I took the plunge. Well what can I say it isn't a complete gimmick like vibrating mascaras this actually works, it adds length, volume and crazy amounts of curl to your lashes because it kind of works your lashes round the wand so they curl. Totally utterly amazing. Cannot recommend enough & it is rather pricey for a high street mascara but for the savvy ladies when it dries up just get another cheaper mascara & use the rotating wand with it!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
You know by now my love for Liz & even though we've 'been on a break' ie I've been galavanting with other cleansers as soon as my skin went & I quote 'totally mental' I came running back to it, within 4 days my skin was basically back to normal thanks to this & the product I'll talk about below & my life long commitment to Liz is firmly in place, we had a private ceremony by the sink, close friends & family only. It was beautiful & I've never looked back!

Avenue Rich Skin Recovery Cream
Without doubt I believe everyone should have a tube of this in their house for times when your skin spazzes out, even oily skinned ladies will benefit because it just calms your skin down if it's dryness that's your problem or a nasty break out it improves your problem within 2 days & a week later your skin is back to normal. This stuff is like a cloud of loveliness for your face!

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eye Shadows
I know these are everywhere at the moment but I had to include them because I am not immune to the opinions of bloggers and actually ordered one without even seeing one in the flesh. I ordered the shade Emerveille which is the peachy gold and although it might not be the most exciting shade it certainly is the one I'd get most use out. Let me tell you they're amazing kind of a gel/mousse/cream that apply lovely, really vibrant & last & last without the need for an eyeshadow on top! Truly a must have products if you're lazy like me.

L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
I have such problems with eyeliner transfer, and although I finally found a few that lasted all day this is the only one I really use because a. It's so easy & quick, b. Looks amazingly vivd & glossy black & c. Looks perfect & glossy from the minute you apply it until the minute you remove it even 14 hours later. Plus its only £7, the easiest eyeliner to use in a rush.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment
This stuff is amazing if you have damaged or dry hair, I don't know how it works as its only a liquid spray & there is something in my brain that tells me only creamy leave in conditioners will be effective but it works. It makes brushing damp hair as easy as a hot knife through butter and really leaves your hair feeling nourished & frizz free. I am never without a bottle!

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic
I know, I know, I know you can't get this nail polish in the UK without a lovely US/Canadian based blogging buddie sending you a care package but I basically mean a griege type nail polish, they suit every skin tone & outfit, very interesting & never boring & effortlessly cool & chic. I have a total dupe for the Metro Chic which you can see here & it's finally available in the UK!! Get either one & you wont regret it, also Metro Chic is the best formula ever very chip resistant on my nails I find!!

So there's some of the products I believe everyone should own (you know if you like makeup & nail polish) They keep me happy, my skin healthy & me looking gorgeous! haha!

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  1. I'm buying that Avene cream tomorrow, first hour of the morning! LOL I love this brand , I love your blog and you always give the best recommandations = SOLD.

  2. Oooo love everything! The mascara sounds amazing! :O

  3. would love to try the mascara!

  4. How much is that mascara? I've never tried a rotating or vibrating mascara before, bit scared!! haha


  5. Wish the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish worked for me but it ended up in my skin coming out with little bumps all over my face! :(

    Love the illusion d'ombre though! :) Think I may try the Avene moisturizer as i'm in need of a new one shortly!



  6. i have a couple of these and love them, cant wait to get my hands on a chanel cream eyeshadow though :D


  7. I never realised just how good cleanse and polish was until mine ran out, and my skin went back to looking really dull and dry, I love it!Im with u on the carbon gloss liner aswell.Now I want everything else on the list xxx

  8. C&P doesn't like my skin unfortunately but really want to try the mascara and eyeliner!x

  9. I shall be buying at least half of these to try!

    Thankyou xx

  10. I totally agree with your choice for Bourjois mascara. I thought it was a gimmick but damn, it works! I love it:) And you are very much tempting me with those Chanel e/s, I was so far resisting but it's getting harder and harder...;)

  11. Everyone loves Liz Earle I think I should give in and buy it!

    Em x



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