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Saturday 3 September 2011

Hey Ladies,

Well the plan was to do this post & the next as YouTube videos but it's Saturday night I'm at my boyfriends. It's just not gonna happen so written down they shall be, there will be less rambling for sure this way so perhaps for the best!

I thought I would share another 'Products I Regret Buying' Post as I find them more interesting than favourites videos sometimes, I will add a disclaimer at this point & say these are products that I PERSONALLY regret buying not YOU! If you like them, good for you! The hassle I got with my last video on the subject sheesh! (apologies for the none combined picture I'm on my iPad!)

Yes tis true I DO regret buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette, it is a fantastic palette don't get me wrong, the quality is excellent, all the shadows are smooth & lovely (why oh why do they insist on ruining Sidecar with all the glitter, potentially my favourite ever eyeshadow if it wasn't for the disco ball fall out on my cheeks) the price is brilliant, it's just I don't ACTUALLY use it very often. It just too much I think, why can't Urban Decay release Mac type quads with 4 shades that go well together, I can't cope with this amount of choice & in the end always go for the same one so it's a waste if I do reach for it! If you don't own a lot of shadows this is great but me not so great.

Anyone who follows me on twitter or here for a while will not be shocked by this, the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation I thought would be amazing, It sounded (to quote Cheryl Cole) 'right up my street' but if you read my review you'll know it failed to 'wow' me. It's a decent foundation, good for oilier skin types, good colour range (go & get matched because the Mac comparisons are off, a 6 is no NC25 I can assure you!) but on my skin it looks awful just too heavy, clings to dry patches & makes me look really overly 'made up' my aim is to look effortless & this just doesn't do that! I've been mixing it with my moisturiser recently to use it up but I shouldn't have to do that so it annoys me! Give me Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua any day of the week!

Strange one this because I'm actually at the bottom of the pot and just realised I don't actually like it, firstly it doesn't brighten it just has light reflecting particles so you're eyes look brighter but it's an illusion so a LIE! But it kind of just leaves a weird residue on my eyes one which I really don't care for, there's a Boots Time Delay one which costs half the price and 100% better than this!

Doesn't do a thing. 'Nuff said!

At the moment that's all I can think of, I'm sure I'll keep updating the series in the future!! Hope you're all well & enjoying your weekend.

Let me know some products you regret buying it is so interesting!!


  1. I would agree with you on the Naked Palette.
    A product I regret buying would be Mac Mineralized skin finishes.. just don't get any use out of them!


  2. I also agree with you on the Naked Palette! I only use the same few shadows and most of them i leave untouched! x

  3. I have oily skin (not that oily) and Illamasquas skin base just looks terrible on my skin after an hour or an oil slick! x

  4. I only use about 3 shadows from the NAKED palette but I do love it! One product I regretted buying and actually took back for a refund it was so bad, was MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, it broke my skin out awfully, plus it smells like paint! Thanks for sharing! x

  5. i bought the naked palette too but had the same problem so just sold it. I just stick to the ones I have.

  6. lovely post! i agree with the naked palette, i want to love it... really i do, but i just can't ever pick a colour that would work with me. all those shades and nothing ever seems right for the job.
    I have the Illamasqua foundation too and let me tell you... it's in my blog sale. Hahaa. Mine was farrr too light! I'm NW20 and went for shade 4, it is white! I feel like it's such an effort to blend in as well.
    As for the Murad cleanser, I only used it last night but my skin is still awful. I don't have an opinion yet but nothing ever works for my skin so i won't hold my breath! xo.

  7. i love these kinds of posts, i find them so interesting. i know what you mean about urban decay doing smaller palettes, i do really like the naked palette but i dont have a lot of eye shadows. i really like the quality of them but would be nice if they just did small compact four or six palettes :D

  8. I do love my Naked palette, wasn't too fond of the price mind! (Damn student budget). However it does annoy me there are so many similar versions on the highstreet (MUA, im looking at you) for an absolute fraction of the price.

  9. i can't justify the price of the Naked palette for the exact same reasons, i'm glad someone finally agrees!
    I've listed you as one of my favourite bloggers, check it out :)


  10. I love my Naked palette however do end up using the same few shades ALL the time so it is a bit of a waste. Especially as I have a MAC palette filled with neutrals too x


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