Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Review

Thursday 27 October 2011

Hey Ladies,

You know I love a foundation so when I have the opportunity to try a new one out I jump at the chance.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation is Bourjois new foundation offering to the market, it claims to;

'Give your skin a radiance boost, made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and instant anti-fatigue result. It's fresh and instant blending gel texture blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect.'

Firstly I am a massive Bourjois fan especially their foundations so it has a lot to live up to. I find the 16 hour 'radiance-boosting' claims are a little misleading, it implies that the foundation will last for 16 hours which it certainly doesn't & unless you keep your foundation on for 16 hours (which I certainly hope you don't) the 16 hours are irrelevant.

Formulation - This is described as a gel foundation, to me it's a liquid plain & simple but the texture blends & spreads like a dream, completely effortless.

Coverage - It is a medium coverage foundation more on the light side of medium but buildable.

Finish - It does 'boost radiance' & give you a really beautiful look to your skin, not shiny by any means but a natural glow, Bourjois claim semi matte which I can understand them claiming but a glow is more accurate.

Smell - Due to the fruit extracts it does smell fruity & i'm pleased to report it has no added perfume, it's a nice smell & once you've blended it you can't smell anything.

Longevity - Depending on your skin type & if you set it I find it lasts about 8 hours, if you're willing to touch up during the day it could last 10-12. This is my current weekend foundation, it's not quite long lasting enough for work but during the weekend when I can touch up or not be rushing round it's perfect.

Skin Type - It isn't one for oily skins or dry skins, but if you have normal/ normal to dry/ combination I think it will be suitable for you as it moisturises without being oily in formulation.

Price - £10.99 it's a bit more expensive than the normal Healthy Mix foundation but not a bad price for a good foundation.

Overall it is a lovely foundation, quick to blend & widely available, the shade range isn't great & it is a bit more expensive than their other foundations but great to try if you're after a light to medium foundation that gives you a glow.

Hope this was useful to someone, let me know if you've tried it & if anyone would like a comparison between the healthy mix and the healthy mix serum foundations!! just letting you know i've started another blog for the sole purpose of fashion if you want to check it out. All Style. No Substance.


  1. I loved the first Healthy Mix foundation, so id love to try this one too. Thanks for the post x x

  2. hmmm ive been interested to try a bourjois foundation for a while but i have quite oily skin so maybe this one isnt for me :s

  3. I absolutely love the original one, definitely going to pick this one up when i see it! It doesnt sound as if theres much of a difference between the two really though.

  4. The original one is a favourite of mine in the drug store realm of foundations so would be interested to try this one. A comparison review would be really helpful! x

  5. I'm in love with the original healthy mix foundation, and im nearly out of it, so i decided to pick the serum one up, i've not tried it yet but after reading your review im excited to, and by the sounds of it i should like it! :) thankyou for this review! Love Chloe xo

  6. Loved the original so i bet id love this. I dont neeed any more but I bet you ill end up getting it!! xx

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