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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Hey Ladies,

Sometimes we just have to confess the love of something & I'm here today to announce my complete & utter head over heels can't live without it love for Nars Nepal Eyeshadow.

Now this is in no way a new product & I've owned it for sometime but in the 12 months that I had it it was stuck in my Nars Pleasures Of Paris palette. Now this was a perfect palette except I just never used it, it was stuck in one of my makeup drawers & when I pulled it out one day I realised it needed to be re-homed.
I took to twitter & asked if anyone fancied a swap with my palette for the single eyeshadow of Nepal. It was in the palette so win win for them as they got another 5 eyeshadow shades. Thankfully someone (http://missyellieuk.blogspot.com/) heard my calls & agreed to swap with me. I've not looked at another eyeshadow since.

Excuse the terrible swatch. It's the most gorgeous golden peachy pink. Not too frosty just shimmery enough. Perfect.

I love wearing it over my Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Emmerveille which is quite a similar shade as it intensifies it & makes sure it doesn't crease all day. I've been pairing it with my Revlon Carbon Gloss Super Liner (above) or my Illamasqua precision ink in Havoc (the new aubergine shade) which both work perfectly with it.

Super simple look which takes no time at all so an everyday look I like to rock. I'm actually considering a blog sale to get rid of some shadows now I have this in full size in my makeup bag!

Anyone else love Nepal to the extent I do? or another shadow that just is perfect. Let me know!!

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  1. Thants so pretty. Its not one I own but is is now on my list! Thanks xx

  2. I want this eyeshadow now, it looks gorgeous! xx

  3. I recently bought the Pleasures of Paris Palette after lusting after it for well over a year. I admit Nepal is the colour I regularly reach for on a daily basis. Its perfect as you say with a bit of eyeliner for a fab everyday look! :-) x

  4. i havetn seen it before but it looks lovely, just my kind of thing :D


  5. That's such a pretty colour, I want it now! I'd rather buy single colours and build my own palettes rather than buy pre made ones since there always seems to be a shade I wont wear! xxx

  6. This seems to be such a gorgeous colour! Its been such a long time since I dug out my liquid liners, I love how simple but flawless it looks with a perfect shade of eyeshadow! X

  7. This colour is absolutely gorgeous! I'm off to London tomorrow so I might have to 'pop' into Nars and pick this baby up! xx

  8. oh wow that is such a gorgeous colour! definitely makes your eyes pop!

  9. Hellooooo why arent you blogging madam?? xxx


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