Essie Carry On Fall 2011 ... FINALLY!

Sunday 20 November 2011

Hey Ladies,

I am a huge nail polish fan as you all probably know by now, rarely do a see a collection & want every bottle (this is a good thing) but the Essie Carry On collection I wanted EVERYTHING. Thankfully Essie release miniatures of their collections so you don't have to buy four bottles full size but I couldn't find them anywhere. I got mad & actually just considered buying the entire collection full sized, I must have had my sensible shoes on that day & decided to just wait & if I REALLY wanted them to then buy them. Thankfully I didn't have to.

Index to little finger ---->
Power Clutch, Very Structured, Carry On, Lady Like

I also want Glamour Purse but that'll have to wait for another day, I love the collection all the shades are gorgeous and good Essie colours that aren't a pain in the arse to apply, 2 coats was all I needed!!

My descriptions will most likely be gibberish but i'll give it a go;
Power Clutch - is a deep khaki with a hint of gray, a really interesting shade & no colour I own already is like this. Thumbs up
Very Structured - A brownie orange is the closest I can think of, autumn to a tee, it looks like pumpkins/ginger bread men.
Carry On - A very dark warm purple/berry, really perfect for autumn but one that can be worn all year round I think.
Lady Like - It looks like a basic nudy/pink in the bottle but when you get it on your nails it transforms into an elegant pink with grey & lilac tones mixed with the slightest hint of brown to make it a warm shade. This is by far my favourite as it's so wearable & chic. It makes me feel grown up wearing it ... apart from the cheeky glitter nail I added of course, NOTD coming up.

I thank god I spotted it in Selfridges whilst trying to find the Illamasqua counter, saved me buying the full sizes so I saved money buying it ;) you know how my girly maths works!!

Hope you're all well, I've got a weekend to myself so lots of blogging will be done & scheduled!!


  1. oO pretty colors. Yay for mini's!

    Lovely Shopdiction

  2. Ooh gorgeous colours I tought I didn't want any colours from this collection, that might now if changed lol , what can I say it's a girls prerogative to change her mind.

  3. I prefer mini bottles, i never manage to get through a normal sized one so its much cheaper! these are so pretty.

  4. i always enjoy this blog.


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