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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hey Ladies,

You know I love nail polish & like everything in life, the foundations & finishing touches you make make all the difference to the result & longevity of your hard work (manicure) so I thought i'd share my current favourite base & top coats with you. I own more than the regular persons nail polishes & of course base & top coats as well so I know what i'm looking for, I probably have at least 10 in each category, I can't resist the marketing crap that it will make my nails longer, stronger, keep my nail polish chip free for a week etc.

Jessica Nails Reward Base Coat For Normal Nails - £9.70 - LookFantastic
I actually got this by mistake, I won the top coat on eBay & the seller sent me this instead, I ended up buying it to get the other sent (I'm too lazy to send stuff back) This as the name suggest isn't a repairing type of base coat (which I usually go for) its for nails that are in a 'normal' state, well mine aren't but it is a really great base for nail colours on top, it fills in any ridges & imperfections and makes applying the colour on top more even & protects the nails from any staining from the polish. If your polish applies more evenly you need less coats & so its less prone to peeling/chipping. I love this stuff!

Jessica Nails Top Priority Topcoat - £10.60 - LookFantastic
This is supposed to make your nail polish last for 2 weeks by reapplying every couple of days with it after your initial manicure, now this seems a bit loopy to me & so far I haven't tested this out but what I can say about it is that it dries super quick, not Seche Vite quick but literally a minute longer, what it does give you is super shiny nails. Unlike Seche Vite it isn't a thick formula (which goes gloopy after 3 weeks) but a thin easy to apply formula which has all the characteristics of Seche Vite without the annoyingly short 3 week life! This is seriously good stuff & is officially my favourite top coat!!

Zoya - Kelly
I am totally obsessed with grey at the moment, in fashion & on my nails, so it was only a matter of time before I reached for this polish. I HATE Zoya polishes, every single one I have pretty much chips within 24 hours even on my bloody toes, maybe I have been very unlucky with shade choices being more chippy (?) than others but it's not painted (gettit??) a good picture of the brand for me & I won't be getting anymore (famous last words?) Does anyone else have this issue? Anyway this is the ultimate test for the top coat so fingers crossed its a happy marriage (resisting a Kim Kardashian pun)

Hope everyones well & If you love your nail polish I seriously recommend checking Jessica Nails out they have some lovely shades!!


  1. i have a lot of love for Jessica, their polishes are always amazing, although i have only tried colours, never the base/top coats :D

  2. keep hearing about these polishes, they sound good.

  3. Love the nail polish! Slightly ashamed to admit I never use a top/base coat, too lazy.

    You should check out ELF nail polishes, they have a sparkly dark grey that might just be right up your street!

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  5. i always wanted to get something from zoya but it's not the first i read they aren't good quality, it's a shame as the colours are beautiful!


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