REVIEW: Super First Blush Brightening Serum

Sunday 29 April 2012

Hey Ladies,
I love a bit of skincare & especially anything that promises brighter skin, having the most yellow skin imaginable it can at times get as dull as dishwater (wrong metaphor but you get my drift ... DULL DULL DULL) and so when this little bottle turned up on my desk I was more than happy to give it a try.

"This concentrated brightener returns skin to innocence. Its powerful superfood ingredients tighten skin's texture while leaving the complexion healthy and glowing"

This stuff is seriously brilliant, after some skin troubles lately products that claim to brighten the skin have been my new BFF's, it is a very light serum that absorbs instantly and really makes your skin glow and feel tighter. There is quite a strong melon-y smell to it which doesn't bother me but if you're not a fan of the gala melon smell i'd avoid it although it does disappear quickly. I've found my skin since using this has been very soft and the dullness completely gone as well as my darker pigmentation from scarring lightened significantly. 

Now this is quite a pricey item, for the 30ml it'll set you back £35 and is available at Boots, the justification I can think of (& I can always think of them ... it's a gift) is that you really need hardly any to cover your face, i've used it night & day for over a month & only used a quarter so it'll last you a while but the main justification is that it really does make a difference to your skin so worth every penny.

I can't wait to try more from the Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone range, I've got my eyes on the Bright Eyed eye cream & Night Recharge treatment, have you tried anything from the range?


  1. sounds freaking amazing! i want to try some

  2. This sounds great! I need a new serum in my life, I might give this a try! x

  3. Sounds good! How do you apply it :) xx

  4. Oo havent tried that one YET! Only a matter of time as i love SUPER!!

  5. I've tried the eye cream! It's AMAZE. def worth shelling out for!
    S xx


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