NOTD: Orly You're Blushing

Monday 30 April 2012

Hey Ladies,

You know I have a thing for griege nail polish, 'thing' being a serious addiction, whilst my loved ones should be locking me up in a cupboard & not letting me out until I face my problem they choose to ignore it which means me coveting any and all griege polishes released by countless brands (a full time job I can assure you) The latest one to arrive at chez Nicola is from Orly.

Orly You're Blushing
This is such a lovely shade of nail polish, griege shades are normally a mix of brown, grey & purple hue's and the magic (term used quite loosely) of these shades means the combinations from the three elements are practically limitless.

Orly's You're Blushing is definitely dominated by the purple and grey elements with just a helping of brown & I love the polish, it's much lighter than a lot of other shades I own in the genre which makes it stand out in a sea of greige. In some lights it looks purple and others grey which means you never get bored of having it on your nails, I got three shades from the Cool Romance collection & immediately applied this one because it's just so pretty.

This polish (and the other two I received) have made me rekindle my love for Orly polishes, they are just such high quality polishes, their rubberised handle makes it so easy to apply the nail polish with (it's the simple things) the formula is so effortless to get an even coating and is pretty chip resistant & I will say you also get a great amount of product in a bottle, 18mls for £7.50 which is 3ml more than your average bottle! Plus they manufacture their shades in the mini sizes which you can buy at Boots, this is not only cheaper but if you want a shade you know you will only use a couple of times you can purchase a mini one & not feel guilty!

Proper feeling the Orly love at the moment & need a binge buying session, what are you favourite Orly shades??


  1. This shade is gorgeous! Definitely picking it up if it's still around in shops in London this summer! xx

  2. Such a nice shade of greige! Orly never disappoint!


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