Gadget Of The Week: Clearasil PerfectaWash

Saturday 12 May 2012

Hey Ladies,

When I saw an advertisement of this gadget on TV I immediately wanted it, I have seen automatic hand wash dispensers before so when Clearasil released one that automatically dispenses facial cleanser I just needed it.

Clearasil PerfectaWash *
This is seriously cool, you just put your hand under the sticky out bit (Dispenser?) & it makes a funny noise & dispenses a perfectly sized amount to give your face a wash, it's incredibly satisfying I can assure you.

As for the cleanser there are two available choices for the refills, the Superfruit (pink) which keeps your skin clear as well as containing raspberry & cranberry to help the skin looking healthy or the Soothing (green) which helps keep your skin clear & soothes and nourishes.

I've been using the Superfruit option for a few weeks & I can confirm it is gentle enough to use everyday without drying your skin out, it smells nice & lathers up well so if you've got a Clarisonic it would be a good cleanser to use with it, so far my skin has been loving it.

The Face Wash System will cost you £12.99 which includes the refill & batteries and each refill is £4.99 which I think is more than reasonable for a 6 week supply of facial wash, as the doses are measured they do guarantee it lasts 6 weeks! There's a huge part of me that wants to see if once all the cleanser is used up I could fill it back up with my makeup remover & have an automatic dispenser for my makeup remover & another one for the Clearasil cleanser (I have been advised that I shouldn't try it). Either way I will definitely be trying the soothing one once this has run out as I think the system is amazing!

Have any of you tried this or tempted by it? I can't describe the thrill I get every time I wash my face & hear the noise! Sad you say? ... I know!


  1. The gadget geek in me wants this but I know it is just something else to clog up my bathroom! It sounds very satisfying though!

  2. I was totally sucked in by the advertising for this too but I'm not a facial wash user so have so far managed to resist. Like you, I'd be more interested in one that dispenses cleanser. Let me know if you do manage to refill it successfully with any contraband xxx

  3. I want this bur I am so interested to know if it will take another cleanser though. I bet it would. :) I am so tempted to try it!


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