REVIEW: Real Techinques Expert Face Brush

Saturday 5 May 2012

Hey Ladies,

I was very excited when I heard the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman were adding to their line of brushes as I was more than thrilled with my Blusher Brush I purchased a couple of months ago. One brush I'd always had my eye on was the Buffing Brush I'd heard nothing but good things about it but I wasn't keen on purchasing it in the kit which is about £22 as I don't really need any of the other brushes and it isn't available as a single brush, the Expert Face Brush has been released because of so many people having the same mindset as me, it is different from the buffing brush but supposed to offer the same qualities & results.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Expert Face Brush

"Ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation"

I haven't actually purchased it for the application of foundation as I pretty much hate applying foundation with a brush and so this will be used to apply my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (Review coming soon) as it is an amazing brush to buff powders into the skin or on top of foundation as it is so dense. 
As I haven't got the buffing brush I can't compare the two but the Expert Face Brush seems to be flatter than the buffing brush which makes it a little wider so covers more of your face (I think) other than that I think they're very similar. 

The quality of the Real Technique brushes is fantastic, they're super soft, wash & dry very quickly & retain their shape, I've never seen a stray bristle on my face & the price is very reasonable at £9.99. 

Have you tried both the Buffing Brush & Expert Face Brush & could tell a difference? or any of the Real Techniques line, I am totally hooked!


  1. Oh I'm dying to try these brushes, especially the buffing brush. Going to put it on my birthday wishlist.
    Heard such great things about the Real Techniques brushes.
    S xx

  2. I am so glad they came out with this, as i am the same. I want the buffing brush but i wasn't prepared to buy the collection for a waste of 3 brushes.


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