2014: Goals

Saturday 4 January 2014

This is me looking to the future thinking 'stop eating so much, stop eating so much'
New year, new you blah blah blah; Resolutions, goals whatever you want to call them are usually dropped by January because people give themselves such ridiculous standards to keep up; I have serious commitment issues in life so I try and make mine as easy and attainable as possible.

Working full time and blogging regularly can be difficult as you have to stay very organised and give up free time that you might not want to at times. At the end of last year I really tried to keep on top of it and managed it by planning my month ahead of time and using my blogging calendar (Link) this year my goal is to post at least twice a week and maybe a video here and there as it has been requested a lot.

Yes I know pretty much everyone has this as a goal at the beginning of the year but it hasn't ever been mine and please note this is not 'do more exercise' as I don't really do any at all, I do have weight loss goals and this is definitely tied into it but i'm not making it a main goal as it is going to be a gradual change in eating and lifestyle but exercise is one I can introduce immediately as I have a cross trainer in front of my TV for me to jump on when watching a film as much as I can.

Reduce Fizzy Drinks
For some reason I seemed to drink loads of coke towards the middle and end of last year and I really do need to cut it out, one or two cans of Vanilla Coke a month is what I am restricting myself to and I should be able to keep up with this as I can't get hold of the stuff very often.

Buy Less Crap/Use Up Products
I have a stupid amount of products and as I try and review as many products as I can I tend not to finish one product before testing out the next which has lead to me having a silly amount so before purchasing new body and hair products I have to have finished something. I am not allowed to buy any leave in conditioners as I have a ridiculous amount.

Do you have any goals for the year? You must bully me and motivate me into achieving mine!


  1. happy new year! i should probably add the buy less crap to my goals this year more for beauty than anything else really it's too easy to decide i have to have something which is just a new take on something i already own

  2. Great resolutions to have. Mine are very similar - I've done a blog post on mine if you fancy having a read. Four days in and I'm suffering from diet coke withdrawal symptoms!

    Claire x


  3. My resolutions are about the same so I think these are great! Good luck with them :)


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