Beauty Bucket List: Pastel Hair

Monday 18 August 2014


At the grand old age of 27 (nearly 28) I have come to realise that some beauty trends I may not be able to 'get away with' once I reach a certain age so I thought I'd do some posts about my Beauty Bucket List.

First up: Pastel Hair, this trend over the past few seasons has always had me buying the colour but never being able to bite the bullet and actually do it to my whole head and I just end up wimping out and dip dying it, partly because I didn't want to wreck my hair as it will require bleaching before hand and also because I didn't want to feel an idiot to my peers and to be not taken seriously at work.

Well fuck it I'm doing it. You only live once and quite frankly who gives a shit what people think, I work in accounts in a very relaxed work environment so wouldn't be an issue really where I am now.

I was considering an home job as the Bleach London (Link) colours are readily available and it seems a simple task but I don't know whether to get it done at the Bleach Salon in London (Link) instead and get an actual profesh to sort it all. So let me know if you've had a visit and what you thought of the experience!

Colour wise I've always wanted lilac hair but I saw on Bleach's Instagram a girl with peach hair (Pictured) and I fell in love so I think I'll try that first, then i think it will transition to pink then lilac quite nicely then hopefully my pastel colour obsession will be completely fulfilled.

Would you ever go a fully crazy colour, if so which one?
Pictures from Bleach London Instagram (Link) and Pinterest (Link)

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  1. Do it! I'm so boring with my hair, but would love to have the bottle (see what I did there!) to really go for it with colour.


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